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The Destruction of the Radiance 1751 AC

by Robin

I have made 8 mile hex maps of the remains of Glantri while and after the Blast.
This is the Year 1751 AC when the Radiance explodes.
8 mile hex map
Glantri is destroyed in the blast and any remains dissapear in the subsidence zone (where the ground molten will sink up to 300-400 feet), rapidly covered by a lake, which deposits the radioactive waste at the bottom of the lake.

1 Explosion (Yellow Line on map)

Fireball starts to form in less than a millionth of a second after explosion, several tens of million of degrees: transformation of all matter into gas/plasma, creating thermal radiation as x-rays, which will be absorbed by the surrounding atmosphere.
The explosion reaches 440 ft in one millisecond, 5,700 ft in 10 seconds, but subsides rapidly; after one minute: cooled, no longer visible radiation. The formation of the fireball triggers the destructive effects of the nuclear explosion to 200 miles up. All Elemental Planes in the ground are instantly dispelled and disintegrated. Maximum size of the nuclear fireball; radius: 8 miles (the initial Hex of the city of Glantri).

2 Radioactive Cloud (Red line on Map)
During expansion of the fireball, vaporized matter condenses to a cloud containing solid particles of weapon debris. The Fireball becomes doughnut-shaped, with violent internal circulatory motion, while Air is entrained from the bottom, creating a “mushroom” cloud of dirt and debris sucked up from surface. The blast melts the underground materials, destroys cellular structures and causes a subsidence zone (see graphic right).

3 Air Blast/ Shock Wave (Orange Line on Map)
Pressure wave develops immediately after explosion and moves outward from the fireball
After 10 seconds: diameter of fireball: 5,700 ft, distance of shock front: 3 miles from the surface centre of the explosion (the GSM). The Wave is reflected from surface, both waves merge to create “Mach wave”. The Portal to the Plane of Air will absorb the brunt of the upward Blast and heat, instantly increasing to a size up to a few hundred yards, collapsing soon thereafter due instability, dispersing the radioactive cloud, heat, shock wave, air blast and blown up debris into the Plane of Air (creating an elemental polluted zone there).
Air blast radius (20 psi+): within the initial Glantri city hex causes heavily built stone buildings to become severely damaged or demolished, all other are disintegrated by the blast and fire, fatalities approach 100%.
Air blast radius (5 psi+):within yellow circle causes most residential buildings to collapse, injuries are universal, fatalities are widespread.
Thermal radiation radius 51.4 km (8,290km˛)

4 Thermal Radiation (Red Line on Map).
Reemitted radiation from the fireball creates a secondary thermal radiation (3rd degree burns): Duration: about 10 seconds=1 round (99% of total thermal energy).

5 Initial (prompt/Direct) Nuclear Radiation. (Yellow Line on map)
Radiation releases within the first minute, mostly neutrons and gammas (directly from the explosion or from fission products) dispelling ALL magic in the region.

6 Delayed Nuclear Radiation / Fallout (Grey Line on Map)
Caused by material lifted into the fireball right after the explosion, mixed with radioactive residues of the reactor (activated debris, fission products, ...), a delayed radiation effect and fall out will take place following the dominant wind (N to NW) with further devastating effects; 98% instantly killed in the yellow circle, 50% within the red circle, (40% wounded), 5% killed in the orange zone (45% wounded), 25% wounded within the pink zone. The amount of radioactive fallout is significantly increased due the fact that the explosion was underground. Any creature in the orange zone will have a

7 Mass fires (Red Circle on Map)
Initial fires (started by the thermal radiation) combine and form “super fire”, about 20 minutes (2 Turns) after the explosion. High velocity winds directed towards centre of fire cause a “chimney effect”. Gates to the Plane of Air ruptured causing fires to enter the Plane of Fire. Death caused by heat or suffocation.
there is 100% probability for 3rd degree burns; these extend throughout the layers of skin, and are often painless because they destroy the pain nerves. They can cause severe scarring or disablement, and can require amputation.
Without medical treatment, there can be expected between 50% and 90% mortality from acute effects alone within the red circle. Dying takes between several hours and several weeks.
Severe earthquakes are triggered due the subsiding, within the red zone, and medium earthquakes in the pink zone.

8 Wasting Disease.
The survivors suffer wasting disease within the Pink Circle, miles away from the initial explosion; Within 10 minutes (1 Turn), 100% of the survivors will be affected, and perish in 4d12 Hr by failure of the nervous system within the yellow circle. Within the red circle after 3 turns 9+1d10% of the survivors will be affected, and perish in two weeks by failure of the intestinal system, Within the orange zone, 40 miles away from the explosion 1d10-10% of the survivors will contract wasting disease in 1d3+3Turns, becoming lethal in 1d4 weeks by failure of the blood system. Further in the orange zone each individual has a 50+2d20% chance to contract Wasting Disease, which is 1d10-10% lethal in 1d6 weeks by failure of the blood system,

It is after the Year 1751 AC.
The Radiance has been exploded...with devastating effects upon its region in an already changing world
Final Results
Within the initial hex of the city any structure will be utterly destroyed by rock vaporized, seismic shockwaves, superheated radioactive gas, earthquakes. The whole hex of Glantri city will be destroyed, and subside several hundred of feet, becoming inundated by the rivers. Any creature in the yellow zone will have a 100% (-1% cumulative per year) chance per week to be affected by the wasting Disease.
Within the Yellow circle many fires, will have caused heavy damages to structures, wooden structures are all destroyed (including Forests). Any creature in the yellow zone will have a 50% (-1% cumulative per year) chance per two weeks to be affected by the wasting Disease.
Within the orange zone light damage to structures, some fires Any creature in the orange zone will have a 10% (-1% cumulative per year) chance per month to be affected by the wasting Disease up
Any creature in the pink zone will have a 10% (-1% cumulative per year) chance per year to be affected by the wasting Disease.
Any creature in the grey zone will have a 10% (-1% cumulative per 10 year) chance per year to be affected by the wasting Disease.
Any creature in the fallout hexes (light grey=dust)will have a 25% (-1% cumulative per 10 year) chance per month to be affected by the wasting Disease.
Several rips between the planetary cells cause the water to slowly to dissapear underground...creating a stable lake which no longer feeds the rivers south(The shadow elves break of any contact with this deadly region, and divert the river of death where they can....eventually it will reach the Worldshield, be evaporated, condensed, evaporated again, and cleaned of radioactive waste...this will take decades to several centuries, but eventually the water will reemerge on the surface throufh several wells.
The region is severely radiated and will cause mutations of the few surviving creatures.

As the Radiance had effects upon Magic, and magic is prevalent in Glantri, the explosion did have great effects too. Many negative Magic locations came too be within the affected region; the effects of these range from anti-magic zones to areas with powerful negative effects (some could have effects like the World Mountain—see GAZ12-TSR9246-D&D-Mystara-The Golden Khan of Ethengar).
As the Planet is a creature biological processes will have a counter reaction creating Good magic zones outside the affected areas; these could have a diverse effect too ranging from elemental location, to similar to the zones in Alfheim (see-- GAZ5-TSR9223-D&D-Mystara-The Elves of Alfheim).

Geopolitical effects.
Within the already changing world the nation of Glantri completely ceases to be. The regions unaffected or less affected start to recuperate the loss and become separate regions. The areas Southwest of the Glantrian Alps take benefit from the waters from the Great Crater, and the new good magic points, surviving Erewan Elves settle here. The various regions combine together in the Confederate of South Glantri to remain powerful enough against the Humanoids of Kolland, Orcus rex, and Ogremoor. The areas against the Ethengar border become New Glantri, where Belcadiz elves and various humans are present. The new good magic location creates balance to them, and a more positive inclination towards Ethengar. Ethengar already has adapted to the lakes, and several have lost their tribal heritage. This side is more at peace. The regions of the northwest also recombined into the Domain de la Nord (The Northern Domain) with many effects still as before the disaster. In the North the provinces Aalban and Klantyre exist along the Forbidden Zone, but although these reflect a lot from before the disaster, fall out greatly affected the nations. Klantyre and Aalban have extended their original borders incorporating the remnants of lost principalities. However, this caused great dissension between both nations and the conflict still continues. The former principalities in the far north still exist, but rulership changed greatly, the undead lost their dominance and taken over by the Followers of the Claymore in an attempt to pacify the region.
The Humanoids of Gobbleton have taken over the former Glantrian town Trintan, which now has become a Freeport for all. This is the most used location to venture within the forbidden zone. The Site Interdit Mortellement (or deadly forbidden zone) is off-limits to most from all other directions. Several towers have been erected by neighbouring regions to supervise what is happening within. Many mutated creatures, monsters and several surviving undead still reside within, but all suffer from radiation or the Wasting Disease.

So, Why did the Radiance explode?(or will it do as dictated by Canon)
Logic seems to dictate that energy taken from a nuclear reactor would eventually just let the reactor stop emitting energy, not causing an explosion. Then why did it explode now (1751AC), and other counterparts in ancient Blackmoor(3000BC).

This needs some canonically feasible explanation;
First; A Spacecraft using Nuclear Reactors with Dilithium Crystals to enable Warp Speed through the Prime Plane Universe.
Second; This spacecraft suffered a serious malfunction in its drive pods while in orbit around the sole habitable planet in a minor and here for uncataloged star system.
Thirdly; The engines were instantly affected by the dominant source of energy in this reality; Magic, and ceased to function, the accident was not supposed to happen; this had to be impossible. Nevertheless, a reactor explosion destroyed the ship’s spatial discontinuity field and damaged the conventional drive; causing the vessel to crash-land on Mystara. Strange manifestations of unique parapsychological talents were discovered in the local creatures, but further investigation showed that they were related to a strange energy field permeating the planet, but strongest just north of where the vessel was grounded. Some of the aspects of this energy field were so bizarre that they were referred to as “magic,” (which, of course, is what they are).
Fourth; After Blackmoor adventurers and scientists worked together with some surviving aliens, they learned to combine magic and technology together.
Five; The Vessel exploded, but a few reactors survived the disaster and remained in the molten underground.
Six; This combining of magic and technology was the cause of great disbalance and eventually all reactors created by Blackmoor, which enabled them to become a technomagical nation, exploded as one. The explosion was thus great it ruptured the Planet, affected all existing magic with Radiation, and spread the wasting Disease over the world to great effect on all inhabitants.
Seven; An Old One located the Reactors, altered them to become an Artifact of great power. Why? This is unknown, but it was assumed the intent was to enable new immortals to come into existence without other immortals influence. The Reactor (named The Radiance) was placed in a cave underneath Glantri, as the Old One devised it the location to best effects in the future.

What we know now is that magic had a severe detrimental effect upon the nuclear reactor, which initially caused it to malfunction, causing the crash. Yet we also know it continued to emit energy usable outside the reactor. The idea of the Reactor was copied by the knowledge acquired yet was flawed, which caused the Blackmoor reactors, which were then part of some Network, to explode violently causing the Great Rain of Fire. As from the Mystara Timeline we know that looting the devices of the vessel caused it to explode with such a force that the whole planet would be vaporized. Somehow the energy was turned inward causing it to implode and a section of the reactor to be driven underground. It was the energy of the explosion which caused the reactor to become bound to magic, becoming the Nucleus of Spheres.

Thus far the Canon facts (TSR 9191 - DA3 - City of the Gods page 5 “The Fall of the Sky City, Wrath of the Immortals, Mystara timeline, Gaz3 Principalities of Glantri, Glantri Kingdom of Magic).

Now my most feasable conclusion.
Magic did initially affect the reactors, and in fact continues to do it until the end. It was the reactor creating energy (Antimatter-Matter by Dilithium crystals as per Star Trek) in an immense magnitude to enable to create a warp field and speed beyond the speed of light. Magic did affect the Dilithium Crystals causing them to attract more magic, but keeping the energy within, effectively shutting the energy reactions off. As due the explosion of the vessel (and other reactors probably) turned into an implosion, the blast of the explosion was turned inward, increasing the amount of energy to a level greater than ever expected.
Magic became also infused in this process, as the explosion attracted all magic available in a 100 miles radius, and even through Elemental Gates. Massive amounts of Magic were drawn within. In fact magic had become the stable factor in a very unstable nuclear matter/antimatter balance. From that moment on magic became influenced by the Radiance which had now become the Nucleus of Spheres. It was the Old One discovering the Nucleus of Spheres, altered it a bit more to enable the magic within to be accessed and used, enabling even Immortality.
And thus the Nucleus of Spheres kept the radioactive magic within, until it was discovered and used. Slowly but inexorably radioactive magic (aka Radiance) was drawn from the reactor, making it more unstable with every depletion. At first nothing happened, except poisoning the direct environment with its deadly radiation in a growing radius. Magic was also slowly released in minute amounts creating a global contaminated magic (by the Reactor AND the Great Rain of Fire). As the Dilitium Crystals slowly started to decay (due time), more radioactive affected magic was drawn in regularly by the machinery in an attempt to stabilize the reactions. Thus the Day of Dread is created, where no radioactive magic will work, as it is drawn into the reactor.
As more and more users of the Radiance depleted the delicate balance of the antimatter-matter particles in the Dilithium crystals, the reactor started to draw upon more and more radioactive affected magic in an attempt to keep the energy within. This in effect caused the increase of Days of Dread. However, every balance has a tipping point, where it can’t return to a stable point. This is at 5000 Rad used, and in 1751 AC the last Rad is used causing the antimatter and matter particles to meet and explode. This is the final moment of the Radiance.
From that moment on, magic will no longer be affected by the reactor, the original magic (from its various sources; Planet, Elemental Planes, Natural energy, Life, etc) has become clean of most radioactivity in the thousands of years since the GRoF, and although known only to a few, can be drawn upon to cast spells. Of course this must be learned anew. A fireball created from radioactive magic uses other methods to draw the magic than the new (actually older than Blackmoor) sources. And while some radioactive magic still exists, this will eventually subside, taken in by natural effects, becoming less available, until it eventually becomes inaccessible, or part of natural magic losing the radioactivity. Every usage will reduce the amount of this energy; as the magic affects the local environment and elements absorb the magic, depleting the radioactivity in the process.
Eventually nature will take over again, creating a new balance, between life and energy

I hope this willl sudffice as a logical explanation