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Radiance Becoming Sentient

by Aoz

Or more precise giving the Nucleus of the Spheres sentience.

Nucleus of the Spheres know the reactor core of the F.S.S. Beagle, located far, far below Glantri City. Modified by the Old One(s) to be the source of magic for Mystara [Radiance]. Then altered again to drain magic from Energy [because the Artifact allowed a short-cut to immortality]...and other spheres were not happy.
Depending on your campaigns time will depend on if artifact was altered again by a Old One to drain Entropy [and maybe even turned back to drain Energy Again].

A Newly made, lets call him/her: the Shadow, Immortal of Entropy [Maybe by the Radiance when draining Entropy] has come up with a plot. Give the Radiance a Will!!!

-Why a Immortal from Entropy?
The resolute would create complete disorder and confusion for a time. Possibly allowing him/her to secretly access or achieve something. And lastly he/she dislikes owing even an artifact something [if it Aided him/her in Immortality.]
Another Secret motive: If an artifact created by an immortal then can hurt and possible kill an Immortal the can a artifact of an Old One harm an Old One??? [The Shadow wants too know]

This could change your campaign...Use with caution!! I like giving just a blue print of the adventure because let's face it...PC are sometimes unpredictable and Dm's must make a few things up as the adventure will continues.)

The Shadow will use an mortal ID and come to ask for aid to save the Radiance. If the party doesn't known of the Nucleus of the Spheres the Shadow will give them the basic information. He/she will stress that Powers greater then the Immortals made the device and other spheres were unhappy modified. However, no matter if it drains Entropy or Energy...magic will still come to an end. The Shadow will explain it can be repaired and maybe improved but the task will be legendary almost impossible. Will ask who is in?
PC ask about a reward?
-The Shadow will place 50000 gold Pieces on the table and tell the group this is all the pocket change he/she has at the moment. But as long as on Mission for him/her all cleric spells [18th level cleric/18th level magic user] are Free. If the mission is successful he/she has large dominion the characters will be given as the main prize. Along with 5 petrified scarab beetles.

#1: The Comeback Inn
Must travel 4000 years to the Past. Travel to the City of the Gods (F.S.S. Beagle) to get a engineering tool and comeback with tool.
Must leave one beetle where tool is [The Shadow explains reduce the chances an Immortal of Time will detect PC and if detected will run interference].

#2: Brannart McGregar
Must travel to Klantyre and retrieve a soul as pure as snow. Currently, being held by the Lich. The Shadow warns the Pc if McGregar discovers them. He could make big problems...don't be seen.
Place a beetle where soul is [Will reduce chance Lich notices the soul gone and if notice will run interference].

#3: The Serpent Peninsula
X6 Quagmire! Or at least the sunken Spiral City. There is a tiny meteorite in this underwater dungeon the PC must find and return. The meteorite seems to be worshipped by mud people. Fight or steal or a little of both.
Place a Beetle where meteorite is and run!!

#4: The Master's Shield

Travel to the Sind Desert, find some followers of the Master, and take a sacred Glass Shield. The Shield was made by the magic of the Master and a Arch mage battling in the sands.
[Side Mission: If Master is dead in your campaign this Zealots are trying to use the Shield to resurrect the Master...Make the PC earn the Shield]
Place a Beetle in the Sand [Disrupt tracking spells].

#5: Forge Shield
Must travel to each of the elemental planes and get the Elemental Rulers to Bless the shield, then travel to the Limbo: Engrave the Soul into the Shield with the tool [while defending the helpless soul], and finally to the Dreamlands to awaken the Soul in the shield.
Place the last Beetle in the Dreamlands [awakens the shield and sends the PC home].

#6: Awakening
Get the Shield to the Nucleus of the Spheres and Upload the New AI/Soul to the Artifact. You can have the Lich McGregar to Cyborgs to slow or stop the PC.
[Maybe clerics of the same faith one of the PC...try to talk them out of their mission]
The Shadow in Mortal ID will be holding of a Titan while Pc figure out what to do.
Be bold make it a Epic Battle....In the End if PC upload it everything starts to shake apart.

To Determine what happens:
Each mission 1,2,3,4 and 6 add + 1 point
Each Failed Mission: -2 points
[You must get shield or The Shield must make one: if so -2 points...if no tool -2 points]

Mission 5:
Each Elemental Lord Blessing: +2 each
Engrave the Soul to Shield: +1 to +3 (Was the person interrupted or was the shield hit)
and Placing Beetle in Dreamlands: +2 points
Each other Beetle in correct place: +1 each
Successful in 50% of mission and Beetles: +1 bonus
Successful in 100% of Missions and Beetles: +1 bonus (with 50% bonus total +2 bonus)
Total max points 24
-1 or lower: Total Failure Nucleus of the Spheres Explodes.
0 to 5: Nothing Happens
6 to 9: Nucleus of the Spheres (Radiance) IM1 Int 15
10 to14 : Nucleus of the Spheres (Radiance) IM6 Int 20
15 to 19 : Nucleus of the Spheres (Radiance) IM 12 Int 25
20: Nucleus of the Spheres (Radiance) IM 18 Int 30
21: Nucleus of the Spheres (Radiance) IM24 Int 40
22:Nucleus of the Spheres (Radiance) IM30 Int 50
23:Nucleus of the Spheres (Radiance) IM35 Int 70
24:Nucleus of the Spheres (Radiance) IM36 Int 90 ...A New Sphere (Radiance/A.K.A. Magic) is created and the Sentient Artifact is the Hierarch of the new sphere [This outcome will send shockwaves through all the spheres and even the Old Ones will keep their distance for now]
A sentient Artifact will at least leave the Prime Plane for a time to adjust to this new thoughts and feelings.


There will be many unanswered questions and each DM can fill them in as needed.

As for the PC:
The PC will get 2 million in gold ,as promised The Shadow will raise Quagmire, and grant the titles of Kings/Queens. A parting gift a beetle each to keep in contact (acts as protection vs cantrips).

and as for The Shadow:
Use same point system above
-1 or lower: Total Failure Nucleus of the Spheres Explodes. +15 levels to The Shadow (Didn't see this outcome) however everyone hates him /her except Thanatos!!
0 to 5: The Shadow IM1
6 to 9: The Shadow IM 2
10 to14 : The Shadow IM 3
15 to 19 : The Shadow IM 4
20: The Shadow IM 5
21: The Shadow IM 6
22:The Shadow IM 7
23:The Shadow IM 8
24:Nucleus of the Spheres (Radiance) IM36 Int 90 ...A New Sphere (Radiance/A.K.A. Magic)
The Shadow IM 10...and no one knows he/she was involved.

Nucleus of the Spheres (Radiance) IM36 Int 90 ... A New Sphere (Radiance/A.K.A. Magic) is created and the Sentient Artifact is the Hierarch of the new sphere [This outcome will send shockwaves through all the spheres and even the Old Ones will keep their distance for now]
How will the New Hierarch of magic alter it. Maybe drain energy 1 year then entropy 1 year or change magic to something like Dark Sun.
When will the Old Ones get involved or will they shut the vortex and move on to something else.

Feel free to add your own twists and ideas.