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Campaign Event: The Radiant Dragon Crisis

by Sean Meaney

Mystaran Almanac Review: As of the end of the year AC1019, the Nightdragon Synn (Dolores Hillsbury) has discovered the existance of the Radiance. Unless some heroes rise to prevent her, she is likely to absorb five thousand Rad during the day without Magic occuring at the end of AC1020 (directly interfacing with the Artefact known as the Nucleus of the Spheres) at a moment when Wizards will be unable to oppose her - having teleported in a moment before Midnight.

Thaumont 25 AC1020: Dolores conducts an experiment where she absorbs 100RAD and uses it to craft an Immortal Artefact of Minimum Power; She ships it off to Karameikos so her new minion: The Lich Priest Korizegy can establish his Arch-Bishopric in western Karameikos.


DESCRIPTION: This is little more than a large mass of dirt cemented flesh (Hands) that seem to be stuck together to form a large Altar.

POWER (100pp)
WISH (SPECIFIC): That the lord of this altar shall have the power to Create and Control Un-dead within limit of an estate ruled by that lord.

UNCONTROLLED HORDE: When first used to animate a dead Dragon, All dead within the ‘boundaries of such an estate, Barony, County, Duchy, or Kingdom that the lord of this altar commands within which this altar dwells’ shall rise as un-dead and assail the living uncontrolled for thirteen days and nights and shall be immune to clerics while within ‘the estate’.
THE BLOOD OF A PRINCE: A Prince must be sacrificed on the Altar to activate it.