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Richard du Lanze

by Giulio Caroletti

2nd Klarmont 980, Vyones, Nouvelle Averoigne, Glantri.

History: Richard du Lanza was born in Nouvelle Averoigne, son of a minor nobleman of Vyones. Du Lanza was soon sent to the Great School of Magic, where they recognised in him a big magical potential. Du Lanza begun studying, but after his twelve years he began to show hints of a decadent and intimately presumptuous personality. He began to see with disdain his teachers, because he knew already things they told him. He began to see his friends as pitiful, and began indulging in physical pleasures like drugs and soon sex. He became a refined dandy, a gentleman always in first line offering expensive and luxurious parties, helped in this by the immense wealth his father had gathered (thanks to several good handles with Darokinian merchants). Du Lanza began adventuring at twenty-one, spending his time mostly in the company of henchmen, but sometimes with other adventurers, that quickly abandoned him when they had enough of his egotistic personality. The abandoning of the Great School and his presumption has however prevented him from getting to the deepest knowledge of magic. Richard became involved in the late days of the Wrath of the Immortals War with some worshippers of a "demon-dragon", Kthurbash, and managed to open a gate that made possible his appearance on Mystara in 1011, but was nearly slain to death if it wasn't for the intervention of a party of adventurers.
After being rescued, Du Lanza abandoned his plans to become Baron, and abandoned politics for some time. As Kthurbash killed nearly all his followers before returning to his home plane (wherever that may be), Du Lanza finds himself without a goal, and fears that someone could discover his involvement in Kthurbash's appearance in Glantri. Just to keep in line with his personality, he has begun to give again big parties, and is indulging in carnal pleasures more than before.

Personality: Irritating, decadent, effeminate, presumptuous, annoying, sharp-tongued, charming and voluptuous, Du Lanza is the perfect dandy, who indulges in his decadent activities and enjoys morbid passions. He loves dark magic, vampires, has a tower in Boldavia and one in Nouvelle Averoigne, has a lot of lovers of all types and features (from aristocratic elves to farmer's daughters), and is a total narcissist.
However he seems also to be irresistible to women.

Appearance: Du Lanza has curly blonde hair, kept half-long, green eyes, delicate features, pale skin and long, slim fingers. He is of medium height, very slim, and likes to dress in white or black, with vaporous and comfortable dresses. He has a black and golden cloak that he never leaves, and that is in fact a cloak of protection +3.

Stats (OD&D, AC 1012)
Human Magic User 13.
Str 10, Int 17, Wis 9, Dex 13, Con 9, Cha 14 Alignment: Chaotic neutral (evil).