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Reap Field

by Sean Meaney

REAP FIELD (Spell Level 1/Magicuser)
Range: 50'
Duration: Instantaneous
Effect: 1 Acre

Description: This magic was created to harvest a single acre, all living things within the area off effect are subjected to 1hp damage per level of the spellcaster. If the Damage is equal or greater than the hit points of that which is in the area of effect is considered 'harvested' -severed at a height of half a foot above surface of the ground (including limbs - making it a dangerous spell in the hands of a powerful wizard). Wheat stalks are considered to be 1 hp.

History: Discovered by Lord Zemiros Sulescu in the family crypt in 703AC. It is over a thousand years old. He has since only used it twice (and not for Grain Harvest).