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The Tenets of the Order of the Red Sash, as Pertaining to a Duel:

by Geoff Gander

1. No true Gentleman, no matter what his Station, shall, in the course of his Membership, refuse; ignore; or otherwise fail to attend to the Distress of a Lady.

2. In the attendance of said Distress, the Gentleman shall do everything in his Power to rectify that which has wronged the Lady.

3. If, in the course of his noble Duty, the Gentleman determines to Source of said Distress as a Cur, he shall challenge said Cur to a proper Duel, in the Lady's Honour.

4. The Cur shall be given the Right to decide the Manner in which said Duel shall take place, though the Gentleman shall decide on the Time thereof.

5. The Gentleman shall fight in an honourable Fashion, and, upon achieving Victory, shall present his most humble Gratitude for the Pleasure of having served the Lady, who may choose her own manner of Reward, if that is her Will.