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Invaluable Potion of Independence

by James Mishler

Those the curse has affected can hardly leave the cursed areas.

I, for one, never really liked this rule all that much. So, while I understood and agreed with the need for it, I have come up with a way around the rule. As I have noted in previous posts, there has been quite a bit of commerce and cultural exchange between Ochalea and the Savage Baronies. Recently, the LB Trading Company gained a foothold in Ochalea in the form of the ancient Thyatian Naval Fortress. In order to assist in the furtherance of the Ochalean Connection, the LBTC brought together a team of wizards, priests and alchemists to come up with a way to allow allied Inheritors to take part in Ochalean expeditions (in this endeavor they cooperated with alchemists from Ochalea and Inheritors from the Order of the Ruby). They eventually came up with the Invaluable Potion of Independence, also known as Glorious Essence of Red Lotus. The potion enables a being who has been affected by the curse to leave the cursed area for an extended period of time. The potion *alone* will extend the period the character can be out of the area without ill effect to a number of weeks equal to the characters constitution; immediately after this period, the character will suffer the ill effects at the normal rate. However, when the consumption of the potion is combined with the imbiber receiving a geas or a quest spell from a *Lawful* mage or priest, the duration of the potion is significantly extended. The potion's effect will last until the imbiber returns to the cursed region, or until the recipient of the geas/quest breaks the conditions of the activating spell, upon which the recipient will immediately suffer the ill effects of separation at the normal rate. The terms of the geas/quest generally fall along the lines of "Serve the representatives of the LB Trading company in true faith in all matters so long as such will not interfere with the performance of your duties as outlined in The Code of the Orders". As the production of the potion is dependent upon trade with and ingredients from Ochalea, and the secret of it's construction is known to but a few dedicated members of the Order of the Ruby (as well as a few Ochalean Alchemists), it is unlikely that the potion will be reproduced by members of other Orders. The other Orders have recently heard of the potion and have begun operations to acquire example and information; the members of the Order of Crimson prefers to negotiate, while the members of the Order of the Flame are less particular about how they achieve their goal...