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Order of the Red Sash

by Jeff Daly


About 3 centuries ago, this brotherhood formed around the concept of honour and chivalry. The Duke of Kerendas, Lord Cantrus, was attending a toga party held by one of his loyal lords, Feldebron. A group of ladies, in an effort to embarrass the Lady Nemelia for the terrible crime of being "new money", arranged to have the lady's toga fall off, as if by accident, in front of the assembled nobles.

While the hall laughed and pointed, Lord Cantrus felt himself moved by the Lady Nemelia's plight, and the anguish in her face. He promptly removed his toga and declared the now famous words, "Shame on any who think ill of it."

Lord Feldebron, greatly ashamed that he had been one of the laughers, dedicated the rest of his life to cultivating gentility toward men and women, no matter their station. The brotherhood that grew from his teachings was small at first, but in the last century has picked up many followers from around the empire. Members are expected to do whatever is necessary to defend honour and gentility. This usually means duelling...


Anyone may be a member, though membership does tend to be men of the human race. All members pledge to uphold honour and Valeria.


10gp a month


Members receive a beautifully engraved sword upon joining.


Anywhere, especially Kerendas