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Regional Feats

by Byron Molix

Arcane Flexibility [General]

You learned how to flexibly prepare spells during your training at the spell academy.
Region: Alphatia, Glantri

Benefit: You may prepare spells in a way that suits your taste, treating each spell you could ordinarily cast per day as a number of levels equivalent to the spell level. You still cannot take more than your normal maximum of spells from the highest level you can cast. Likewise, spell levels can be allocated above your highest level, but these cannot be more than your normal maximum of spells from your highest level either. These higher-level slots can only be used to prepare meta-magically enhanced spells.

Note: If you are a bard or sorcerer this feat means that you can expend extra spell-levels to cast a meta-magically enhanced spell exactly one level higher than the highest spell level you can normally cast.

Armoured Casting [General]

Your people have mastered a way to cast arcane spells while wearing armour. Regions: Alfheim, Glantri: Erewan, Karameikos: Callarii Elves, Thyatis: Vyalia Elves, Wendar
Other Prerequisites: Dex 15+, Arcane Spellcaster Level 1+

Benefit: Any character who has mastered this feat reduces their arcane failure penalty by 10 percent as long as they are proficient with the armour and shields they are wearing. This feat counts as a 'magical' bonus feat for Wizards.

Note: Other elves may learn this feat as a non-regional feat at GM discretion.

Focused Attention [General]

Your people are extremely disciplined and capable of single-minded actions in adversity.
Regions: Rockhome, Ylaruam

Benefit: You may Take 10 on any one roll that you ordinarily would not be able to do so on, including in a combat situation. You may only do this once per day.

Giant-Slayer [General]

Your people fight against large adversaries on a continual basis, thus you've gotten good at fending off their raids and on hunting them down.
Regions: Rockhome, Vestland

Benefit: +1 Attack and Damage bonus versus Giants, +1 Wilderness Lore to track Giants.

Glib Tongue [General]

Your people value cleverness and good storytelling, and most of the brightest among you have aspects of both.
Regions: Ostland, Soderfjord Jarldoms, Thyatis: Pearl Islands, Vestland

Benefit: You have a +2 bonus to Bluff or Perform (Storytelling) checks.

Harmonious Existence [General]

Your people have grown to live in your environment and harmoniously exist therein. You are also familiar with the best ways to defend your homelands.
Regions: Alfheim, Five Shires, Thyatis: Ochalea, Ylaruam

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to Wilderness Lore checks made within your homeland or lands almost exactly like them. When fighting on your homeland soil, or in the waters claimed by your people, you gain a +1 morale bonus to attacks and AC. If the environment of your homeland causes penalties to action, you do not gain the bonus to combat, but instead are not penalised.

Horse Mastery [General]

Your family trained you well when it comes to horses.
Regions: Atruaghin Clans, Ethengar, Thyatis: Kerendas

Benefit: You gain +2 bonus to Appraise, Handle Animal and Ride checks. Your regular mount's quality rating is also one better than normal as long as you or someone else with this feat tends it.

Independent Mind [General]

Your people are extremely independent, and don't like authority.
Regions: Alphatia: Norwold, Heldannic Freeholds (not Knights), Hinterlands, Soderfjord Jarldoms

Benefit: You find it very easy to remain stubborn about your beliefs and resist orders from other people. You gain +1 morale bonus to resist Charm, Command, Domination, etc. spells, as well as Intimidate checks. You also gain a +1 to AC whenever you fight alone (that is without coordination with other combatants).

Industrious Outlook [General]

Your people push themselves to be the best they can, and it shows.
Regions: Karameikos, Minrothad Guilds, Rockhome, Thyatis, Thyatis: Pearl Islands, Ylaruam

Benefit: Choose one skill when this feat is taken. This skill is considered a class-skill for you as long as it isn't a restricted skill that you don't already have. When you can choose a new feat (i.e. two to three levels later) you can change the skill this feat applies to.

Inherent Confidence [General]

Your people have a high opinion of yourselves, perhaps justified, and it colours your interactions with other peoples.
Regions: Alfheim, Alphatia (nobility only), Alphatia: Isle of Dawn, Glantri: Bergdhoven, Thyatis: Hattias

Benefit: You gain a +1 to all Willpower saves, and +2 bonus for the purpose of making or resisting Diplomacy and Intimidate checks the first time you encounter someone.

Inquisitive Drive [General]

Your people are curious about the world at large, and often will go to extreme lengths to discover new things.
Regions: Alphatia, Heldannic Freeholds, Thyatis

Benefit: All Knowledge skills are class skills for you. Also, you gain a +2 bonus to resist Bluff, and Intimidate checks, but only in the midst of an exploratory adventure.

Inscrutability [General]

Your people are viewed as mysterious, unpredictable or strange. Other cultures have trouble understanding you.
Regions: Alphatia, Ierendi, Sind, Thyatis: Ochalea, Wendar, Yavdlom

Benefit: You have a +2 bonus on any check directly in opposition to Sense Motive, unless facing someone who has this feat, then your bonus drops to +1. You cannot use this feat versus people from your own culture who have this feat.

Luck of Heroes [General]

Your people survive when no one expects them to come through.
Regions: Five Shires, Heldannic Freeholds (not Knights), Karameikos (Traladaran)

Benefit: You gain +1 bonus to all Fortitude, Reflex and Will saves.

Mercantile Background [General]

You come from a family that excels at a particular trade.
Regions: Darokin, Glantri: Aalban, Karameikos, Minrothad Guilds, Ylaruam

Benefit: Choose a Craft or Profession skill. You get a +3 bonus to all Craft or Profession checks for that skill and a +3 bonus to Appraise checks involving items relevant to that skill.

Military Genius [General]

You come from a long line of generals or have unbelievable talent polished by your culture's reverence for battlefield prowess.
Regions: Ethengar, Sind, Thyatis

Benefit: You gain a +3 bonus to the Knowledge: Military Tactics skill and given accurate intelligence your leadership of a small force allows them +1 to Spot and Listen checks to avoid ambush, and +1 to Initiative checks made during a surprise round.

Militia Experience [General]

Your people commonly serve as members of your region's military force or respond in times of extreme need.
Regions: Ethengar, Glantri: Aalban, Vestland

Benefit: You gain +1 to Fortitude and Reflex saves, and have a bonus of +2 to Wilderness Checks to resist the elements.

Political Background [General]

You come from a family that excels in public service, or wielding political power.
Regions: Darokin, Glantri, Ierendi, Thyatis

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to all Diplomacy, Gather Information, Innuendo, and Sense Motive checks dealing with the government of any republic, democracy, limited monarchy, plutocracy or magocracy.

Sea Legs [General]

Your family has worked the sea for so long that you have grown up near it, giving you knowledge and skill others work hard to possess.
Regions: Five Shires, Ierendi, Minrothad Guilds, Ostland, Thyatis: Pearl Islands

Benefit: +2 to Swim checks, and +2 to Craft, and Profession checks related to fishing, sailing, shipbuilding, etc.

Spell Flash [Metamagic]

Your magical training includes numerous ways to alter spells so that they impress as well as perform their intended functions.
Regions: Glantri

Benefit: Every spell you cast, if you wish it, is of a custom colour, has a dazzling spread or other flashy effect. 25 % of the time, this translates into a -1 morale penalty to Will saving throws or +1 to Intimidate attempts immediately following such a spell. Increasing the spell-casting time guarantees a spectacular result. Spells that take one action take one round, one round takes two rounds, one minute takes two minutes, etc. Spells without visible or audible effects cannot be affected by this feat.

Survival Sense [General]

You come from an unstable environment, thus you are always looking out to save yourself from circumstances beyond your control. Regions: Broken Lands, Glantri, Graakhalia, Hule

Benefit: You either get a +2 to spot checks to avoid dangerous circumstances that would otherwise result in surprise, or you get a +1 bonus to Reflex saves, depending on which the situation warrants.

Thug [General]

Your people know how to get the jump on the competition and push other people around.
Regions: Broken Lands, Ethengar, Heldannic Freeholds (Knights only), Soderfjord Jarldoms, Thyatis: Hattias

Benefit: You get a +2 bonus on Initiative Checks, a +2 bonus on Intimidate Checks, and a +1 bonus on Reflex saves.

Two-Weapon Fencing [General]

Your people have made it a habit to fight with light weapons and with extreme precision.
Regions: Darokin, Glantri: Belcadiz, Savage Coast (Bellayne, Renardy, etc.)

Benefit: +1 AC to all non-flanking opponents when using a one-handed sword and small or tiny backup weapon. If using the Total Defence action, you may apply the bonus to even a Flanking character.

Unshakeable Faith [General]

Your people are rewarded for their faith every day, and concepts that fall outside that faith do not seriously affect your people.
Regions: Atruaghin Clans, Heldannic Freeholds (Knights only), Yavdlom, Ylaruam

Benefit: You gain a +2 morale bonus to Will saves versus fear effects, and a +1 bonus versus diplomacy attempts to change a fundamental belief you hold.

War Mandate [General]

Your people feel it is your right to make war and crush those weaker than you.
Regions: Broken Lands, Glantri: New Kolland, Ostland

Benefit: You fight as if under the effects of a Bless spell, as long as your personal war leader is alive and directing the battle. You gain no benefit or penalty if your leader is absent but still believed to be alive, or at home. You are affected as if under a Bane spell if your leader is cut down before your eyes, although you most likely will wish to take revenge. This melancholy remains until you return to your 'home' whether that is a camp well away from enemy lands, or your original homeland.

Note: If you are a Barbarian, your rage lasts one round longer than normal if the Bless effect is applicable.