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Reidh Jan

by Sean Meaney

Halfling (Level 1); Chaotic; 4hp;
Str(13), Int(10), Wis (10), Dex(11), Con(13), Cha(14)
Skills: Leadership +2, Read/Write (Thyatian)
Weapon Mastery: Blowgun 2'+ (basic), Blackjack (basic)

Notes: Reidh Jan is a Serial Killer but he sees himself as one who prepares the Victim for a Journey (Hence his Name). He attracts followers to his belief system.

I went with a Halfling because no-one suspects them. You remember that image of a Human kneeling to make friends with the Two Halflings back in the 1981 Expert Manual. That's why. I think here is this little guy who probably sees himself as liberating people from their day to day suffering. He has walked away from being a Halfling - because he has a greater task. Like Moses he must lead them out of the Desert.

Reidh Jan gives this kind of advice to his followers: "You are going about this all wrong. Don't Tolerate your neighbor's trespasses upon you, dont bother with the police - take responsibility for your own life - represent yourself as an equal - set a trap so that he understands there are boundaries so the next time he looks through your trash can the bear-trap takes his head off."