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Seventh Level Magic Spells


by Frank Mentzer

Range: 60'
Duration: Permanent
Effect: Restores one disintegrated creature or object

This spell affects the particles ('dust') resulting when one creature or object has been subjected to the Disintegrate spell (level 6) or similar effect. If it is cast upon the area in which the Disintegration occurred, and (most importantly) within 1 hour of that event, then the subject reappears instantly, in the same condition as when Disintegrated (i.e.. if wounded, diseased, poisoned, etc. that still applies). If a creature is slain and then Disintegrated, the slain corpse appears, and can be then restored further with either a Raise Dead or Raise Dead Fully clerical spell (q.v.) as applicable.

If the above 1-hour limit has passed, then the spell will have no effect unless preceded by a Wish (9th level spell or equivalent) used specifically to retrieve the 'dust' (residue of the disintegration) that has scattered. If this applies, the Dust can be gathered at any location on the same planet, and the Reintegration occurs there.

This spell was discovered by the infamous wizard Bargle, who shared it with his nefarious allies to ensure his return in the event that he is ever disintegrated (and thereby presumed to be irrevocably gone). Bargle Lives!