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Location: In the Bayou, south of Ator, north of Herath, northeast of the Wallaroo Grasslands. SC

Area: 2,216 sq. mi. (5,741 sq. km.).

Population: 25,000, including Le Vieux Carré (capital, pop. 3,000), La Nouvelle Daens (pop. 1,800), Les Tentes-sur-Bancs (pop. 800). 80% are lupins, the rest are humans and demihumans (mostly elves) from Torreón, and a few lizard-kin.

Language: Renardois, Lupin, Espa.

Coinage: Roi (pp), renard (gp), écu (sp), sou (cp).

Taxes: Income tax of 20%, plus a tithe of 10% for the Church of Pflarr.

Government Type: Colony of Renardie, made independent by the Edit de Louvines in AC 1013. The colony is ruled by a Renardois governor, but the Church of Pflarr has a lot of influence, and growing.

Industries: Exotic skins, furs, and animals, spices, rice, sugar cane, fishing, smithing.

Important Figures: Hugues Leget (Bourgmestre).

Flora and Fauna: Nouvelle-Renardie, typical of the Bayou region, is filled with many forms of aquatic, and semi-aquatic life. Along the coast, vast stands of mangrove straddle the boundary between land and sea, their roots sheltering all types of fish and amphibians. On the more elevated patches of land, the plant life consists mainly of willows and quick-growing poplars, mixed with the occasional oak. Nouvelle-Renardie is notable in that, due to its swampy nature, there is very little undergrowth, save for mosses, lily pads, and tall grasses growing out of the stagnant ponds, lakes, and rivers. Many varieties of monstrous plants are thought to grow here, although detailed surveys have yet to be conducted.

Those animals that thrive in the swamps are those that can live in both land and water. Thus, there are all types of frogs, newts, insects, water snakes, and alligators present here. Along the coast, manatees have been sighted, though these are quite rare. Living in the forested canopy are many varieties of bird, as well as squirrels and other small tree-dwelling mammals. Deep within the swamps are known to exist giant alligators and insects, as well as the gator men.

Further Reading: Nouvelle-Renardie and the Bayou by Bruce Heard, Nouvelle Renardy by Tristan Dunigan.

Description by Kr'kesh.

I like sneaking on unsuspecting furry beasts. Good snacks.

The Land

Them live in ours bayou. Them came to ours swamp. We gonna kill and eat them, and destroy theirs cities.

The People

Them are food for the gurrash. Ours shamans said Goron sent the warm-blooded furry beasts so we can feast on theirs juicy meat. Also to challenge ours skills as hunters. We feast lots. Sometimes we keep one alive, as offering to Her, and Her shamans.

Them build cities on shoals where we can't sneak on to them. Them swim in wood pieces that we can capsize to get to the meat.

Recent History

Them sent by Goron to ours swamps. We killed and ate many. Them built cities so we can't prey on them.

Them came from Goron's home, and after we eat them all and succeed at Goron's challenge, we gonna make offerings to Goron again, and She gonna reward us with Her presents. Until we prove ourselves to Her by beating Her minions, we gonna be denied gifts from Goron.

Don't Miss

Them good. Try one.

Do Miss

Them capture ours alligators pets to train fighting we. Sometimes an alligator is more skilful and gets its deserved snack after all.