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Heldannic Knights NPCs -- Part 2

by Bruce Heard

Some of the PCs are listed in the Almanac 1012, and I've added some additional material to connect the PCs together. Game stats will follow later on.

The Renegades

Dalgaard Gustavsson: Once an indentured man-at-arm fighting for the Knights, Dalgaard and a handful of fellow freeholders like him deserted the Holy Citadel when the Simbasta assaulted it. Dalgaard, originally, thought of pursuing a career among the knights, but discovered the intolerance among the Hattian knights and their unspoken policy of keeping native Heldanners out of the knighthood. A warbird discovered Dalgaard and his companions who passed themselves off as the remnants of a routed force. Operating with a minimal crew in the wake of the disastrous battle against the Simbasta, the captain of the Sturmkondor kept them aboard for the trip back to Freiburg. Dalgaard and his companions eventually took over the illustrious skyship and soon began a campaign of harassment against the Order. Dalgaard and his companion formed the Wolves of Heldann, a group whose goal is to overthrow the Heldannic Order from the freeholds.

In his adventures against the Order, Dalgaard was once turned into a statue of ebon. Frederick von Holmstein (qv) approached his companions when they returned with his body for proper burial in his native land. He arranged for Dalgaard revival. Discovering Frederick's true identity, Dalgaard and his companions swore loyalty to him and await his sign to move against the Order.

A determined, no-nonsense, professional warrior, he despises the injustice of the Heldannic laws and the prejudice from its Hattian overseers. He delights in targeting what he knows to be objects of Heldannic pride, seeking to humiliate the knights more than causing actual damage. Raiding the Order's richest abbeys is another habit, stealing tax money to give it back to the poor or to fund the return of the Haldis dynasty. Dalgaard, however, remains cautious, as the vast majority of his compatriots would rather benefit from the Heldannic dominance than fight its military machine. Many would turn him in for the generous reward posted by the authorities if they had a chance.

Famous Words: "Yes, I'm a dark-haired freeholder with an attitude, so humour me, kid."

Born: AC 970 in Hockstein, Heldannic Territories. Hair: black. Eyes: brown. Height: 6'1". His years of service among the soldiers of the Order have made him tough and gruff. He speaks the gritty language of warriors in a hard, unsophisticated voice. Unknown to all but his closest companions, Dalgaard bears the legacy of his time as a statue of ebon. His wounds appear as black lacerations. They do not bleed and cannot heal with magic.

Frederick von Holmstein: Also known as Fredek Halvardson, he is the heir in hiding to the rightful throne of Freiburg. Frederick is the last survivor of the Haldis clan which originally ruled in Freiburg (Freiburg was called Haldisvall before the Hattian invasion). Frederick's grandmother fled the city when it fell to the knights in AC 950.She bore Frederick's father, Halvard, shortly thereafter. When Frederick was born many years later, Halvard thought it best to put the infant in the care of a herdsman loyal to the old regime. Halvard himself was killed in a failed attempt to reclaim Freiburg in AC 993. Frederick, living as a peasant under his assumed name, is dedicated to ousting the Heldannic Knights from his land. He is a bitter, cold-blooded young man driven by his hunger for vengeance.

Frederick has been building a small following, and with the Wolves of Heldann, his movement has suddenly gained a greater momentum. He remains in danger of being discovered by the priests of the Hammer who suspect some seditious activity in the region, no doubt from the tips of a native informer. There already have been several close calls. Those who have sworn allegiance to Frederick live mostly in Vestland or Wendar, mostly to avoid detection and to get support from the local nobility. So far, they've received tacit tolerance of their presence there, but no direct support other than limited funds. The actions of the Wolves of Heldann have done much lately to improve Frederick's credibility before Vestland nobles. A few hired spies operating at the court in Norrvik have warned the Heldannic Order of a conspiracy linked to the Wolves, without knowing who is behind it.

Famous Words: "Damn the knights and all who followed them. They shall all pay."

Born: AC 991 in Freiburg. Hair: blond, long. Eyes: green. Height: 6'. Frederick is a strong-looking, young man who, when acting openly, has the proud and self-assured demeanour of young warriors who haven't yet had a taste of blood and true warfare.