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Return to the home tribe

by Greywolf-ELM

Up ahead, Rhgl sees a human fall to the ground mid-stride, just outside the gates. "Maybe Rhgl was not the target? Hmm?" He slows a little after passing the body, to see if the Orcs stop there. Scrag, and shortly after him, Gorga and Tyco come to investigate the body. Rhgl comes skittering back. Hiding a look of relief he reports in "Great Gorga, no others escaped ahead of this one."

"Be useful Rhgl. Strip this one of weapons, and tie him securely, we will take him back to the tribe. He is strong and will make a good slave." All of the Orcs have seen the slaves back at the home tribe. None looked as hale or strong-willed as this one surely was.

"And save that Bow for me. I can use it best." To the rest of the warband and newfound pariah, "gather up all the treasure, weapons, food. Anything of value to the tribe will be taken. More pinkskins will come soon, many more, and we must not be found."

Short work is made of gathering nearly anything that is not securely fastened to a wall or door hinge. Almost every thing here has some value to the tribe. Gorga gives the order to move out, and after leaving the path into the open lands to the North, Drusilla and Gorga begin the work of covering tracks of the passing Orcs. It is slower going, but once the Broken Lands are reached the chances of pursuit drop to almost nothing. Travel is pushed through the first night, and into the next day. Rest is taken once, due to the injured Orcs, but the trip, back to tribal lands, is made in just over two days. During the trip home, Tyco warns Gorga of the unusual relationship between FillexHulkil and the three Orcs who follow him. "They listen too close, and guard him like a tribe chief." Gorga keeps an eye on them when he is not busy at the enormous task of keeping everyone moving.

As the warband comes nearer to the heart of Vile Runes country, a patrol is seen. They salute the younglings, and head straight back to the home tribe at a run.

Gorga warns everyone "They will let the tribe know of our return. We return with victory and spoils, let us hope they are enough to discharge our trial."

The gates are open as the warband returns. Women and young line the palisade and call to the returning younglings. "Did you bring weapons? Treasure?" Cheers and shouts are levelled at the returning Orcs.

Garnash One-Tusk sits on his outdoor seat of honour, with the Shaman, Hargul Wolf-Tongue standing nearby. The elders Caasz Iron-butt, Huzzk Elf-Ripper, and Raorr Scare-Belly are all present to help judge the worthiness of the returning younglings. The warband in charge of security directs the younglings and new pariah to place all treasure at the feet of the elders, and to step back near the fire pit. The tribe gathers round the pit and a low rumbling of Orc voices can be heard, discussing the value of the treasure and the likelihood that these ragtag Orcs would soon be Vile Runes.
Garnash speaks "You return knowing what will happen if you have not gained enough weapons and armour for the tribe." Hargul jumps down from the platform and approaches the younglings. "They have returned with pariah for the tribe, and a prisoner for me." He eyes Sharraxtharkhul and the wandering Wicca, FillexHulkil with a measuring stare. "Grown in magic already Sharrax... you will do well to learn your place."

Meanwhile the elders are going through the treasure in front of them. Grunts of satisfaction are made, and the elders turn and nod to Garnash. Huzzk offers "It is as we expected, padded armour and skinny swords favoured by the Darokin pinkskins." Caasz announces, "Gold and goods make up for the shortfall. If any of these pariah prove themselves, the tribe grows more." It is obvious to everyone that the pariah will not be included in this ceremony.

Garnash speaks again "You younglings have proven yourselves to the tribe, tell us of your battles and you will be given fitting names in the tribe." Hargul begins to dance around and pray to Wogan to see the truth of the new tribe members' words.

Gorga steps forward and begins,

"Oh Great Garnash and honoured tribesmen, this is my tale and that of my warband.

I lead our band through the lands, finding food, water and shelter. We found good strong trees and with the great skill of Rhgl were able to fashion weapons with which to slay our enemies.

We soon found the pinkskins' lands and dispatched many of them easily with both stealth and strength. We took their leader hostage and made their only brave warrior cower in fear. We allowed the village to stand so that we could plunder them again in the future.

Then, I lead the mighty band through the border lands where we scouted the pink-skin's fortification. We ambushed one of their patrols and slew them easily with use of our weapons and some magic from Sharraxtharkhul.

Then we proceeded to attack their fortification. We used the spiritual leader as a hostage and demanded them to allow us entry. Although they hesitated, eventually they forsake the leader to protect their lives. A mistake, for we left none alive. His usefulness at an end, I ended the leader's life myself.

The great Ierkh levelled the door to the fortification and allowed us entry. We slaughtered all the pinkskins weakening their outpost. We then captured their leader, freed the other orcs and plundered the fortification for the glory of the tribe. We brought back the leader of the fortification for you to do as you see fit."

Gorga grabs him by the arm, and pushes him forward, and continues with his speech.

"All of the band acted bravely and brought honour to the tribe." He points to the piles of treasure and goods at the feet of the elders. "We returned with these spoils to enrich the tribe. I, Gorga, hope my actions and those of my band please you, Great Garnash."

A grin splits Garnash One-tusk's face. Hargul continues to dance around and suddenly rushes up to Gorga looking into his eyes and announces. "I name you 'Gorga Manhunter', you honour the tribe."With that he spins back around and continues dancing and praying as only an Orcish Shaman can do, Gri-Gri flailing, and Wolf skin flapping as he goes.

One of the elders directs a nearby guard to take the human prisoner to Hargul's hut for questioning later.

Garnash continues, "Gorga, as our Shaman says, you honour the tribe." Pointing at Drusilla Garnash commands, "You dark-skin, tell us of your battles."

Drusilla steps forth and speaks. "Great Garnash, I have travelled with these Orcs, hunted food for them, and killed with them. Humans fell at my hands, and I yearned to kill more. I used my skills, learned while hunting in the lands of our tribe, to disguise our trail, and keep the humans from following us back here." Somehow the Dark Elf managed to keep a level of refinement, even after living with Orcs since her childhood.

Garnash nods to her, and Hargul dances up to look in Drusilla's eyes. "You do honour to the tribe, your name is now, 'Drusilla Wolf-kin'." He abruptly turns away to return to his dancing and prayers again.

Garnash points to Scrag. "You there, what did you contribute?"

Scrag ambles forward and begins what he thinks are his exploits. "Scrag looking forward to maiming of unworthy creatures, leaping up from the dead and being the bane of all bent twig with string wielding creatures. Mostly, Scrag thirsts put down all who cowardly refuse to bring their challenge axe to axe and instead fling treachery from a distance."

Garnash looks on in astonishment at the Barbarian, and looks to Gorga, who explains. "Scrag fought bravely and fell to many arrows. He was healed by the Wicca FillexHulkil and has hatred for archers now." Garnash nods, and Hargul comes dancing up again to look in Scrag's eyes, not seeing much more than his reflection he announces. "You do honour to your tribe, and you did service for your warband, your name is 'Scrag Limp-stick'." A roar goes up from the relatively quiet surrounding tribe, and laughter is heard at this name.

Garnash silences them with a quick wave of his arm. "Enough... Limp-stick is one of us now. He can earn a new name in future battles." Hargul returns to his dancing and praying, while Garnash calls upon Ierkh, "Ogre, come forth and give us your words of battle."

Ierkh tells his "Tail."

"O Garnush won tux: warband leave home to siek pinkskin viillig az ewe no. We are finding little hut, two pinkskins making strange noises insiid. Little goblin doesn't let Ierkh crash door, insted climes wall and opens from inside quietlee. We smash pinkskins while they sleep, it is most satisfying crunching noyz when Ierkh hit with his gud rok. Shardaxbartool tells Iirkh to eat little red fruits from plants outsiid, but Iirkh eat bit of pinkskin insted. Pinkskin tastee.

We then attack pinkskin town, kill more miserable pinkskins as they sleep. But little orx and puni goblinz make too much noise, Ierkh has to chays pinkskin servints to gathering place where filthy pinkskin starts hitting big mettal can to waik warriors. Ierkh crush one under his great foot, pull off otherz hed with his mighty fist. Iirkh like to kill pinkskins. Iirkh glad to kill pinkskins for glory of traib.

Filthy pinkskin shaman comes out of hut, tries to talk to warband like they are pinkskins. Little Gorga gets shaman to surrender, Ierkh makes sure tiny pinkskin no he will face quik deth if not listen. We get villig to set down weponz, they are so afraid of Ierkh. Shaman leads us to little pinkskin fort. Little Sharxmexbarkul thros magic into pinkskin patrol, tangles up orcs and Ierkh with filthy pinkskinz inside thorneevines, but we crush their hedz with mighty rock swings and stikpokes. We takes their spears and Gorga planz attack on fort.

Mighty Ierkh leaps over little gate, tramples pinkskinz and makes mash of their braenz. Little pinkskin warband leeder tries to exkape, but great Iirkh breaks his flying stik with Rok. Sharnextarmool has no magiks to stop little pinkskin, other little shaman -- Felnixbignose -- makes it sleep insted. We take all wepuns and relees ork priziners from pinkskin cage. Ierkh strong, carry many trophies for band, for little orcs and puny goblinz can't carry prizes on their backs.

Ierkh proud to swing Rok for honour of Vile Runes!" Cheers go up at this Ogrish mangling of what happened. Nearly out of breath, Ierkh smiles at the response and hefts his rock for all to see, stained dark from all the recent blood.

Hargul dances near and looks up at the huge Half-Ogre. "You honour your tribe. You are now known as 'Ierkh Stone-Fist'." More cheers from the tribe, and Gorga pats Ierkh on the arm. "Good show Ierkh." Ierkh is beaming at all the praise.

Garnash calls for quiet again, and points to Sharraxtharkhul. "You Goblin... What did you do?" Hargul dances around Ierkh for a second longer and casts his eyes towards Sharraxtharkhul.

Sharraxtharkhul steps forward, with his wolf companion at his side. "Oh Great Garnash One-Tusk, I have travelled far with these Orcs, and used magic to aid them. I made the plants come alive to trap Darokin pink skins for an easy kill, and to heal Ierkh when he would have fallen in battle. I humbly submit my magic to the tribe and this warband."

All take notice of the powerful totem of the Wolf that Sharraxtharkhul has at his side. Their God Wogan was known as the first and best rider of wolves, when the horde was searching for a home. This new spark of power could mean a shift in the tribe if Sharraxtharkhul continues to gain in his abilities.

Regardless of his feelings, Hargul dances up and looks into the eyes of a possible future rival for power in the tribe. With an evil grin, Hargul begins "You have brought honour to your tribe, I name you 'Tangle-foot'!" A shock rushes through the tribe at this insulting Halfling-style name. Hargul dances happily away to continue his prayers, knowing he will hear about this from Garnash later. But tradition is tradition, and none will gainsay the shaman's naming.

Still slightly shocked, Garnash points to Rhgl "Goblin, the other one. Tell us what you did."

Rhgl moves quietly forward and puffs himself up with a big breath.

"Our Great Lord Garnash One-Tusk, this is my humble tale of a party of great warriors sent to invade the pinkskins.

After we leaving the safe-safeness of our home, we, the small band of young and eager warriors headed to the most dangerous borders. Gorga and Drusilla are able to gather what good we needed, while little ol' Rhgl was tasked with fashioning the first weapons that we are to use, simple spears.

Finally we made our way, after a few days journey, to the edge of the pinkskin village. A small hut made of wood and clay stood before us. Poor, little ol' Rhgl sneak-sneak over to the hut. Peering inside the hole, I see our first pinkskin. Sneak-sneak back to the rest of the young warband, I tell them what is inside. Gorga, being the smarted of the group, agrees we should kill what is inside.

Poor ol' Rhgl sneak-sneak back to the hut, and up up and inside the opening I did enter. Making my way to the door, I opens it for the band. Inside Ierkh lifts his massive rock, and BOOM! Off comes the head of the pinkskin. Off comes the head of the second one.

Soon after we make our way to the village. We see a hut, with walls around. Gorga thinks this place has something we want. Gorga is wise. Up up over the wall, Little Rhgl goes. I open the gate and lets us all in. Gorga, wise, heads around to the front, I go the other way. We make sure no pinkskins are around.

Gorga spots a pinkskin, and with his weapon in hand, he cuts off the head of the pinkskin. The head rolls-rolls to my feat, and stares blankly up at me. Inside we sneak-sneak. Entering the sleeping chamber, we see more of these ugly pinkskins. Ierkh easy mashes head of one of the pinkskins. I not see what kill the other, but it's head came off as well. Who would have known pinkskins die-die so easy...?"

Garnash waves his hands in the air, "Enough, we will be here all night."
Hargul dances forward to look at Rhgl. "You honour your tribe Goblin. Your name is now 'Rhgl Story-teller'." He then dances off, with both Goblins staring death at his back, to finish the prayer. As he finishes, Garnash One-tusk stands to address the tribe.

"Vile Runes!! I give you our newest members. They will make up a new warband to join the others. The Eagles. Gorga Manhunter has proven himself to be the most fit and will lead this warband."

The tribe begins cheering again, and fall silent with a wave of Garnash's hand.

"Tonight we celebrate our growing tribe, we will grow and take over the lands around us, the Ogre lands to the West, The Fat Lips and Kobold lands to the East, and Human lands to the South. The Vile Runes will be known and feared throughout the Broken Lands."

After the cheering and yelling die down, Garnash finishes. "You will be given all the benefits of tribe members from this night forth, see Gynk Lip-biter on the new day, for your first assignment. You may keep the weapons you have used for your own as your share. Let the feasting begin!!!"

Hargul Wolf-Tongue points at the fire pit and begins chanting and waving his Gri-Gri. A fire roars into being and the celebration begins.

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