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Galwylin's campaign

by Tim Haney

This is a small snippet of history that I've rewritten for Karameikos to show how I'm going about doing an alternate Mystara.

AC 948 Stefan Karameikos III born.
AC 970 Stefan Karameikos III named governor of Traladaran region and sent to quell the Marilenev Rebellion with a Thyatian Legion. Roads are built to facilitate Thyatian military movements.
AC 971 Marilenev Rebellion crushed. Stefan Karameikos III named duke of newly formed Duchy of Traladara. Thyatian officers awarded Traladaran lands and titles.
AC 979 Stefan and marries Lady Olivia Prothemian.
AC 980 Adriana Karameikos born.
AC 982 Justin Karameikos born.
AC 986 Valen Karameikos born.
AC 1005 Known World at war.
AC 1006 Karameikos declares independence from Thyatis naming himself king and the Duchy of Traladara as the kingdom of Karameikos.