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The Reflectory

by Sean Meaney

Planet Category: earth-like
Population: 1d20 billion-billion Reflectors, 2d4 thousand Brain Collectors

Description: This world is dominated by a single feature: The Archive - a world spanning library of Books, Scrolls, Maps, and Magic Items. Of course every Library has Librarians and this one is tended by 20 billion–billion Reflectors [creature catalogue p.30] who are continuously coming and going. There are Books:100 million non magical, 1d1000 Spellbooks; Scrolls: Non Magical (1d100 million), Magic (1d6 million), and maps (10d4 million) in the Library as well as Artefacts (1d1000) that cannot be smelted down.

A dominating feature is the smelter works where returned metal currency and most Magic items are reduced to a molten state and used to create more of these people. There is a second smelt works dedicated to reducing magic items to residuum (an integral material component to creating new Reflectors) – of course not every magic item is without risk. Some (about 0.1% of Magic items returned) are host to Possessions (Sword Spirits [c.c. p.87]) consequently when a Reflector is created by melting down such a tainted magic item the Reflector becomes host to a Soul. About 0.01% of the Reflector Population may be a Host. Such beings when encountered may attempt to Communicate 50% of the time.

There has in the last centuries been another uninvited visitor to the Archive. The NEH-THALGGU (Brain Collectors [c.c. p62-63]) encountered these silver people a few centuries back and attempted to extract a few brains only to discover they had none. Consequently there will be a few thousand Brain Collectors exploring the Archive which has been assembled from civilisations all across the Mystaran Universe.