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by Craig Antoun

I ended up porting over a version of the Regenerate spell from another gaming source as I did not feel that either Cureall or Restore covered the ability to regrow a lost limb.

Level: 7th
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent
Effect: Restores damaged body part on one living creature

When this spell is cast on a living being, the subjectís severed body appendages (fingers, toes, hands, feet, arms, tails, or even heads of multi-headed creatures), broken bones, and ruined organs grow back. After the spell is cast, the physical regeneration is complete in 1 round if the severed parts are present and touching the creature. If the parts are not present, then it takes 2d4 (2-8) turns for the body part to grow back or repair itself.

The reverse of this spell, necrosis, will cause body parts to die, turn black, and shrivel to fall off. The body part becomes useless in 1 round, and falls off to become dust in 2d4 turns. The cleric must successfully touch the opponent for the spell to work, and the DM will determine randomly which body part is affected.