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More notes on what Rhgl hears, hiding in the tent

by Greywolf-ELM

Rhgl hiding quietly in the tent, hears the multiple calls for retreat by
Gorga. He hears the frenzied yell of a Berserk Ogre, moving off to the
SouthWest. He also hears the call to bandage the wounded on the ground,
which still live. Not many still live from the sounds he hears. Many
spits pass, in to a Boar. There is some murmuring which he can not make
out, as there is too much distance. None enter the tent during this time.

Soon the command is heard to break camp, take down the tents, and head
East back to the nearest Tribe home. The Tribe chieftain must be
protected. There is shouting and Ogre cursing about Ootah not being able
to protect the chief.

Ootah, I kill you, if you not dead. No good guarding me.

There is a dull thumping, as if something is being kicked.

Pack up, move out now.

Rhgl hears the approach of footsteps to the tent he is in.