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Map and changes

by Steven B Wilson

Well, I haven't taken the time to make a nice map of the area, but here is something that gives an idea of what I was thinking. True, the distances are smaller than presented in the adventure, but hey...what's a DM to do? Warning: This is hand-drawn and I am no artist.

Just remember that I placed this in AC 1020, so some things are going to be different than presented in GAZ1 or B10.

Here is a VERY brief rundown of the major changes as it relates to the map:

Part I: Witchwood is a northern section of the Dymrak Forest

Part II: Instead of convincing an owl riding elves, PCs have to convince the chevall led centaurs of the Kelvin Moors. The roadblock keeps help from arriving from Penhaligon or the Duke's Road Keep

Part III: The Ghostlord's Tower is placed in Koriszegy Keep - yeah, I know...all the canon material has Koriszegy as a vampire. I think it would be a nice change to have him as a lich instead.

Part IV: The Battle of Brindol becomes the Battle of Kelvin. I also thought a minor diversionary attack of Krakatos would keep help from arriving from the south

Part V: Switch Tiamat to Orcus and it's all golden