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I figured I'd chime in about the D&D movie setting. Now, I don't know much about Alphatia, but I've done a lot of research on Izmer. Specifically, I asked Dave Arneson some questions about the setting, several years ago, and have homebrewed Izmer into my campaign world.

I've updated some of the main characters and edited some of the stuff I don't want for my world. Here's an example of one updated character.

Ridley Freeborn, Knight of Izmer

by Robert Blezard

Re-duxed Izmer character for World of Kulan by Robert Blezard using modified stats from Jamis Buck's NPC Generator.

Race: Human
Classes: 5th level rogue, 5th level fighter, 5th level sorcerer
Sex: Male
Age: 50
Alignment: Neutral good

Strength: 15 (+2)
Dexterity: 17 (+3)
Constitution: 13 (+1)
Intelligence: 16 (+3)
Wisdom: 11 (+0)
Charisma: 16 (+3)

Hit dice: 5d10+5 plus 5d6+5 plus 5d4+5
Hit points: 80
Initiative: +7 (Dex, Improve Initiative)
Speed: 30 ft. (6 squares)
Armour class: 21 (+3 Dex, +4 mage armour, +4 shield spell), touch 21, flat-footed 18
Base attack/grapple: +10/+12
Attack: +13 melee (1d8+4/19-20/x2, +1 shocking burst longsword) or +13 melee (1d4+1/19-20/x2, masterwork dagger) or +18 ranged (1d6+2/x3, composite shortbow w /+2 arrow) or +16 ranged (1d6/x3, composite shortbow)
Full attack: +13/+8 melee (1d8+4/19-20/x2, +1 shocking burst longsword) or +11/+6 melee (1d8+4/19-20/x2, +1 shocking burst longsword) and +11 melee (1d4+1/19-20/x2, masterwork dagger) or +15/+10 ranged (1d6+2/x3, composite shortbow w / +2 arrow) or +13/+8 ranged (1d6/x3, composite shortbow)
Saves: Fort +6, Ref +11, Will +8

Special attacks: Sneak attack +3d6, spells.
Special qualities: Bonus fighter feats, evasion, extra skill points and feat for being human, spells, summon familiar, trapfinding, trap sense +1, uncanny dodge.

Languages spoken: Common, Halfling, and Elven.

Skill points: Rogue (80) + Fighter (26) + Sorcerer (20) + Human (19).
Skills: Bluff +14, Climb +11, Concentration +12, Disguise +13, Gather Information +11, Hide +11, Intimidate +11, Jump +9, Listen +12, Move Silently +9, Open Lock +9, Ride +13, Sense Motive +10, Sleight of Hand +9, Spellcraft +13, Spot +10, Use Rope +9.

Feats: Alertness, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Heavy Armour Proficiency (B), Leadership, Light Armour Proficiency (B), Lightning Reflexes, Martial Weapon Proficiency (B), Medium Armour Proficiency (B), Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Simple Weapon Proficiency (B), Shield Proficiency (B), Tower Shield Proficiency (B), Two-Weapon Fighting.

Sorcerer spells known (cast 6/7/5): 0th
dancing lights, detect poison, ghost sound, light, mage hand, read magic; 1st
charm person, mage armour, shield, silent image; 2nd
resist energy, Melf's acid arrow.

Possessions: +1 shocking burst longsword, +2 arrows (10), 20 arrows, 50-foot silk rope, backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, bit and bridle, composite shortbow, feed (one week), explorer's outfit, flint and steel, light war horse, masterwork dagger, riding saddle, sack, saddlebags, thieves' tools, trail rations (one week) and waterskin.

Personality: Brash, devoted, and moody.

Description: Human male, 5 feet 10 inches tall, short, brown hair and eyes. Ridley still tends to look and act like a rogue. He doesn't like bulky armour and never uses a shield. He is content to appear harmless, a fact that has led many of his enemies to underestimate him. The only time he wears armour is when he knows a major battle is coming. Then, and only then, does he don a suit of half-plate or chainmail. These armours are usually whatever is available at the time, as Ridley doesn't own a suit of armour. He has been often heard to say, "I am not that sort of knight". It is this daring and bold defiance of how a knight should behave and appear that has endeared him to the people of Izmer and the Queen. Ridley never goes anywhere without his magical longsword, a gift from the hunter elves of Verdalf.

Alternate World of Kulan Background: Rogue, scoundrel, reckless
those words are how Ridley's detractors describe him. And while there is some truth in those words, they don't describe him completely. Ridley is daring and noble of heart and might the best hope for Izmer's future. He refused to accept the station that life bore him into. In fact, he takes great personal pleasure in challenging the status quo and tends to ruffle the feathers of Izmer's noble families
both old and new. The fact that Queen Savina de Braose favours him doesn't endear himself to Izmer's nobility either.

Ridley still has strong ties to the Thieves' Guild in Sumdall, which gives him an edge when dealing with the members of Izmer's Chamber and enemies of the Kingdom. His colleagues in the guild have helped him save the Queen from politic and physical harm dozens of times since the Dragon Conflict 25 years ago. This help has allowed the thieves' guild to thrive in Sumdall, which Ridley knows will come back to haunt the city unless he can find a way to keep the guild in check. Queen Savina trusts his judgement in the matter and turns a blind eye towards the activity of the guild, as long as they don't steal from members of the Royal House or the poor and innocent.

As a Knight of Izmer, Ridley has found himself bound to the Queen by duty and honour. It took him time to adjust to the added responsibility but he is now one of the most recognised faces in the Kingdom. The people love him and consider him one of them that has made good. Proof that the new truth in equality amongst all Izmer's people does work, in their minds.

Ridley spends a lot of his time beyond Sumdall's walls, righting wrongs and spending more and more time visiting the elves of the Verdalf Forest. It was Ridley who convinced the elves that they should have representation in Izmer's Chamber. He has devoted himself completely to the expansion of the Way through Izmer's society. He has come to realise that there isn't any way for him to bring back his dead friends. For while losing Snails was hard, losing Elwood and Norda in his quest to resurrect Snails was even harder.

As a result, Ridley tends to be very protective of his remaining friends including his wife Marina, Queen Savina, and Halvarth, the Hunter Elf King of Verdalf. He also is careful not to throw away the lives of the knights that he leads, while patrolling the Kingdom's borders. He is careful not to anger Xilus, the Thief Lord of Antius, even though the Guildmaster of the Antius Thieves' Guild won't live much longer. Ridley hopes to incite the thieves of Antius to revolt against the harshness of their guildmaster and join the Thieves' Guild of Sumdall. (This would allow Queen Savina to annex Antius City and its surrounding communities.)