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by Brian Caraway

(Independent Trading Village, allied to the Grand Duchy of Karameikos)

Who Rules: Trademistress Prestelle Highstar (NG ef F5/C5 of Corellon Larethian), a bright and shrewd semi-retired adventurer whose ability to deal with problems quickly and efficiently has earned her the mantle of leadership for this community for the past ten years.

Who Really Rules: Duke Stefan Karameikos, with whom Lady Prestelle has an agreement to enforce his laws when dealing with humans and visitors to the area, but when dealing with their own the Callarii elves follow their own customs and laws.

Population: About 170 elves and humans dwell in Rifllian Village proper, with more than 1,500 elves and 500 humans dwelling in the Radlebb Woods to the immediate west.

Major Products: Trade, items of elvish manufacture, horses.

Armed Forces: A squadron of the Elvenguard are in permanent residence here (25 elven F4s, 25 F3/M3s and 15 R5s, led by (name) a F6/M7 [Bladesinger kit]), as they keep the peace in the villages and patrol the surrounding area. In times of crisis however, the Callarii clan can draw upon its own to help (approximately 500 elf F1-5 or F1-4/M1-5).

Local Laws: In a spirited round of negotiation, Prestelle was able to keep autonomy for her community in return for adopting The Duke's Law for those humans that dwell in and around Rifllian, and those who enter it.

Notable Mages:

Othar Longbranch (NG em W15) Othar is a retired adventurer, and runs a shop selling magical items of high efficacy. Prospective buyers are secretly probed of their intentions by his wife and business partner, Jalaitha (NG ef Psi10).

Argentian (LN hm W(Diviner)8) A seclusive person, Argentian fled from Thyatis when he killed an important official who was about to commit treason. Several powerful friends of said official twisted the story around to make Argentian the traitor, and put a large bounty on his head. He has lived in Rifllian only several months, and wishes to extract his family from the empire.

Maylen Silverbow (CG em W12) A playful young elf, Maylen grew into his power quickly, having adventured in Alfheim for several decades. Now "taking a break" of a few decades from his journeys, he tutors lesser mages.

Notable Churches: There are no organised churches in Rifllian proper, as most of the populace worships their respective deities in their own ways. Prestelle does lead services in worship of Corellon, being the highest ranking member of the clergy in the community.

Notable Rogues' and Thieves Guilds: None known. While there are a few elven rogues in Rifllian, most of those usually prey on traders who either deal dishonourably or try to trade illicit goods, such as slaves.

Equipment Shops: Partial, poor in winter.

Adventurers' Quarters: For adventurers and travellers, the only game in town in the Silver Swan Inn, run by one Stubbs Plattermann (LG 1/2m F5). The fare and lodgings are more than most would expect for an inn in such a small town, a true bargain (excellent/good).

Important Characters:

Brielae Soaringsky (NG ef F4/W5), an adventurer who makes her home in the Radlebb Woods when she is not out on the road or assisting her friend Ethrin (see below) in his missions for Rifllian.

Ethrin Shadowstalker (CG em R8), also an adventurer, he is a friend and sometimes companion of Brielae. He is most often found travelling through Radlebb Woods, checking out rumours of evil goblinoids encroaching the villages and homesteads in and around Rifllian.

Taya Moonsfall (CG hf R4), a former inhabitant of Tanglewood Village, a human settlement two days' travel to the west of Rifllian. She is currently searching for her very close and dear friend, Arravis (NG hm F5).

Important Features in Town: Rifllian looks like any other large village, with several dozen buildings arranged in a seemingly haphazard pattern along the riverside. Lady Prestelle usually conducts business from her small manor in the centre of the village.

Local Lore: Although Rifllian has such heroes as Brialae Soaringsky and Ethrin Shadowstalker, Lady Prestelle is always looking for those willing and able to help defend those dwelling in the Radlebb Woods. Any adventuring group that wishes to can become what Prestelle herself calls Defenders of Rifllian, by signing either a three-month, six-month, or full year contract to be on call to help with whatever problems the villages or the surrounding inhabitants may be having. It can be lucrative, as Prestelle herself metes out awards according to the size of the problem and the effectiveness with which the problem is handled.