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Ringo Trundlestump

by Beau Yarbrough

Lawful Good male hin rogue 1/fighter 1

Ringo Trundlestump is a yallara from Wardlystone, Eastshire, currently residing in Mirros. This isn't his first time in Karameikos: He was kidnapped in 992 by agents of the Black Eagle Baron and subjected to hideous tortures and experiments by Bargle and his apprentices, before being helped to escape by Bargle's apprentice Valeria. Returning to Eastshire, Ringo was also part of the invasion force that finally sacked Fort Doom in 1011 and brought Ludwig von Hendriks to justice, only to see him vanish moments before his execution.

Smallish even for a halfling, Ringo has light curly hair and long sideburns, along with twinkling green eyes and a youthful face already lined from the sun. He dresses in comfortable clothes that would fit a gentleman farmer or an adventurer equally well. He's particularly proud of his dark vest embroidered with a spreading apple tree across the back, with leaves and apples reaching around to the front.

Ringo is quick, both mentally (Int 15) and physically (Dex 18), an able cook, storyteller and a serious marbles player. He is still enjoying his yallaren, but he ultimately plans to return home to Wardlystone and Applehill, the enormous farm run by the Trundlestump clan, where he plans on going into the family business. Ringo is crazy about apples - apple pie, apple cider, dried apples - and is rarely found without apples or an apple product on him. Foes have considered him something of a clown because of this, but it's been a mistake some of them haven't lived to regret. Other than his apple-mania, Ringo is a fairly impressive figure, a swashbuckler in the Darokinian tradition, a lover of the good life and a protector of the innocent.

Ringo is a chivalrous sort, forever announcing his intention to right wrongs and foil the forces of evil. In between such escapades, he is a much quieter sort, content to play marbles, drink apple cider, smoke his pipe and trade stories. Besides an extensive - and somewhat worrisome - knowledge of all things apple, Ringo also knows Eastshire and the western half of Karameikos extremely well from the perspective of an adventure-hungry yallara, in any case. He also remembers the siege of Fort Doom extremely well, and is always on the lookout for signs of Bargle or the Black Eagle.

Ringo speaks Thyatian.

Ringo Trundlestump, male halfling rogue 1/fighter 1: CR 2; Small humanoid (3' 2", 36 lbs); HD 1d10+1 plus 1d6+1; hp 11; Init +4; Spd 20 ft.; AC 17 (+4 dexterity, +2 leather armour); Atk +1 melee plus -4 (two weapon attack: masterwork short sword, 1d6 and dagger, 1d4), or +6 ranged (1d4, sling); AL LG; SV Fort +4, Ref +7, Will +3; Str 11, Dex 18, Con 13, Int 15, Wis 10, Cha 12
Skills - Climb 4, Disable Device 3, Hide 3, Jump 4, Listen 4, Marbles 1, Move Silently 3, Open Lock 3, Perform (storytelling, singing, dancing) 3, Pickpocket 3, Profession (Cook) 4, Spot 3, Swim 2, Use Magic Device 3 Feats - Iron Will, Two-Weapon Fighting
Possessions - Leather armour, masterwork short sword, dagger, sling, sap, pipe, cookbook/journal, tobacco, dried apples, apple cider, bag of marbles