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The Ring of Zargon

by Jeff Daly

This ring, once worn, causes 4 tentacles (1 set of two on either side) to sprout from the user's ribcage. The tentacles are somewhat small, being no more than a foot longer than the user's own arms. They can be used to bluntly attack (d6 + strength bonus) or to manipulate an object.

Object manipulation, beyond simply being able to knock something off a shelf, requires a dexterity of at least 13.
Dex 13-15 = User can lift easy to grab objects (DM's judgement, but might be a chalice, a suitcase, a fist-sized rock)
Dex 16-17 = User can lift more difficult objects (again, DM's judgement, but might be a gem, or other small item)
Dex 18 = User can lift a small weapon (short sword, mace, dagger)

At Dexterity 13 to 17, the object lifted can be thrown for d3 or d4 (depending on size) damage. At Dexterity 18, the weapon can actually be wielded for one extra attack per tentacle. Handedness must be taken into consideration as well. During combat, it is assumed that a right-handed character may only use his right-handed tentacles.

The tentacles themselves cause an immediate charisma loss of 3. Anyone seeing the tentacles will be struck by revulsion. This in and of itself will not win any friends, but all lawful characters, seeing the tentacles, will have a desire to destroy the ring bearer (save vs spells to resist the urge).

For purposes of keeping the item's true nature secret, assume the travelling companions of the affected character are not affected by the revulsion.

The ring is resistant to analytical magics. It will read as a powerful item that grants certain bonuses, like strength. Attempting to force the issue, through wishes and other such magic, is likely to cause madness (similar to the madness which results sometimes from Contact Higher Plane).

36th level Dispel Evil and Dispel Magic, cast in rapid succession, will be able to remove the ring. The only other method is frying the poor sucker in the Eye of Zargon (a lava pit beneath the Lost City of Cydinicea). Yes, this means that even with death the character cannot lose the ring. Instead, the mind of Zargon completely takes over the character, if he is so unfortunate as to die while wearing the ring. A resurrection spell, cast upon the dead character, automatically succeeds. When this happens, the character immediately heads off in search of the Secret Seals which imprison Zargon beneath the Lost City.

A character, possessed by the Mind of Zargon, cannot be completely killed until the ring is destroyed in the Eye of Zargon, and the Horn of Zargon is destroyed as well.