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The Alphatian Kingdom of Randel

by Alex Benson

Disclaimer: This description of the Alphatian Kingdom of Randel is an attempt by myself to further the description set down by Aaron Allston for TSR for the Mystara campaign setting. "Canon" sources for the Kingdom of Randel can be found in the Dawn of the Emperors Box Set and the Poor Wizard's Almanac series.

This is by no means "canon" nor is it intended to be portrayed as such. My version of Randel is based upon my own opinions and ideas on that kingdom. "Canon" sources for this as well as other Alphatian kingdoms is a bit wanting. This is the need that I am trying to address.

Designer Notes: This description is fairly simple in design. It focuses on the Kingdom of Randel as it is seen in AY2000 (AC1000). Each settled area is described separately. NPCs are listed by name. Accompanying the name is a class and class level notation in parenthesis. Class and experience levels are given in D&D terms. I omitted alignment as D&D alignments are pretty open as is. A brief write up gives some clue as to the personalities of the NPCs. However, I did not wish to overdo that aspect and did want to allow the individual Dungeon Master to fill out these NPCs when necessary. For visual references, the map of Alphatia included in the Dawn of the Emperors box set is advised.

Below is a detailed description of Randel as it appears in the Gazetteer period. This is just the first instalment of information involving Randel. Later editions will be in the form of later released addendum's that expand on information as well as continue the timeline. Hopefully, these timeline editions will catch up the current events of the Net Almanac.

So without further ado, please read and enjoy. If you can find but a bit to use in your own campaign, then feel free. But most of all enjoy.

Kingdom of Randel

"Oh, you mean Randel. Often gets lost amid the other Alphatian kingdoms. Which is a shame. But I guess it is not as fashionable and flashy as Arogansa."
Jukliana, Merchant of Aegos

"Ah yes, the Kingdom of Randel. It harks back to my younger days. I trained there as a lad. Ah, for the sake of youth."
Markonis, retired Imperial Boltman

"Randel is a fascinating place if you like that sort of lifestyle. Myself, I could care less about the military."
Cheronia, resident magist and striving thespian of Ambur

"Randel? Is not that one of the domains in Norwold? Oh...that Randel ...north of ... Arogansa...I mean Eadrin."
Herrederi, Bluenose socialite

"Wines and warriors...some combination. Could we not do without one or the other...preferably the latter."
Yargrylio, magist of Blackheart

"Randel is one of the keystone to the Alphatian War Machine. Though other domains offer training facilities, no other can claim the broad expanse of graduates as the Randel people. Their curriculum touches all branches of the Empire's Armed Forces. And their populace and graduates hold a substantial proportion of the ranks."
Commander Broderick

"The people of Randel are a fine and proud kingdom. Their loyalty to the Imperial Throne has been devout. That is enough for me."
General Torenal of Alphatia

"Oh yes, the forces of Randel are a threat to us. They are sizeable in numbers and foaming at the bit to strike at us. If you have to worry about any portion of the Alphatian army, it is there. Other Alphatian forces are easier to analyse and prepare for. The Randel troops are battle ready, they are able to quickly deploy, they are well trained, and their forces are well diverse to offer a multitude of threats. Plus it must be remembered that the fighting men and women of Randel have a strong sense of animosity towards the Thyatian people."
Admiral Helena Daphnothartius of Thyatis

"Who is that?....oh Randel is a Alphatian Kingdom. Randel sounds like a person's name. Imagine someone naming a kingdom after themselves."
Duke Stefan Karameikos when ships of 2nd Naval Assault Fleet are spotted in the Sea of Dawn.

As of AY2000: (AC1000)
Location: Southeastern portion of the Alphatian Continent
Population: 183,000
Government: Semiautonomous monarchy owing allegiance to the Alphatian Imperial Throne.
Capital: Rardish
Ruler: King Verothrics
Language: Alphatian
People: Alphatian
Coinage: Alphatian standard


The Kingdom of Randel is located in the southeastern region of the Alphatian Mainland. Bettellyn borders Randel to the north. To the northwest, the Grey Mountains. To the west is the Kingdom of Therandol. To the south across the Randel River, is the Kingdom of Eadrin. To the east, is the Sea of Esterhold.

The Kingdom of Randel is a broad open land of low, rolling hills covered with by a veritable sea of stubborn grasses. A small patch of scrub brush or small trees occasionally breaks the pastures.

Randel's interior is dotted with populated communities. With its abundance of potential farmland, it comes as quite a shock that farming is not a focal point in Randel's economy. Local sentiment has the land as being difficult to cultivate despite the apparent ease that crops are produced from existing farms.

Randel has a long-standing history of militarism that predates its founding. The people of Randel have strongly adhered to this tradition, making it the focus of their livelihood as well as their role in the Empire. Primarily, the Randel people directly contribute heavily to the Empire's war making capability. Secondarily, Randel offers tutelage in the military arts to the warriors of other imperial kingdoms.