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Rakasta, Catfolk and Tabaxi Resources from Mystara and Non-Mystara material

by Håvard

Similar to my Tortle Reading List, I am curious to what sources we can use to expand on ideas related to the Rakasta. I also think we should include sources related to Catfolk and Tabaxi even though Tabaxi (Jaguar Men or Leopard Men) were portrayed somewhat differently in early editions. I lean towards not including info on Rakshasa since they are demonic creatures with few connections to Mystara, but I suppose we could discuss that. I would also be interested in sources on the Godess Bast (Bastet).

For Classic D&D (BECMI)

For AD&D 2nd Edition

For D&D 3rd Edition

For D&D 5th Edition

For Pathfinder First Edition

Online publications by TSR Designers

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