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Rockhome Guilds, Groups and Organizations

by Hausman Santos

Certainly each of these families and their members (which has conducted a thorough research between the original publications and the fanon materials that have developed a bit more of Rockhome) can be seen in more detail in the "Dwarven Families Extended" article published in Threshold Magazine Issues # 18 and # 19

This article and the previous one (published in Threshold Magazine issue # 16 "Updates for your Rockhome Champaign") was the result of the updating and detailing of this scenario in conversation with Giulio Caroletti, Jasper Andersen ,Robin and other members of the Old Almanac Team for the construction of the Mystaran Almanac AC 1020 which is in production.

Below are the main and best-known organizations, guilds and institutions that are part of the day-to-day activities of several dwarf families in Rockhome:

Kings´ guard - More than a garrison, these make up the guard and personal escort of King Everast XVI. Its military compound (next to the palace) serves as headquarters of this detachment composed exclusively of young dwarves from clan Everast. Some marks are used for internal distinction of its members; the yellow crest means honor and notoriously decorated (Gold member) and composes those who lead the units of troops; The Red Star crest (Red Star member) make up the value-in-battle prizes; the remaining members are Yellow Star (traditionaly blue crest).

Royal Seal - For the representation of emissaries of the king in distant audiences (as diplomatic missions) or royal decrees and symbols linked to actual royal descent, the seal used by King Everast XVI follows; It presents the authority and sovereignty of the Rockhome crown.

Great Council (Senate) - In regular and solemn sessions of the Senate, in committees or delegations that contain their representatives or in authorized decrees, it follows the seal of the Great Council of the Senate.

Dwarven Foot - Extension of Dwarf Army for missions external to Rockhome or internal (but outside civilized cities or regions). The hammer symbolizes its main unit of light infantry - the "Hammers", but other special divisions complement the units of the expeditionary army (the symbol may be accompanied by unit of division or company, special unit troops ... etc).

The Thorns - “The Thorns In the Sides of Those Blasted Elves” composed a small expedition and espionage group against the elves in Canolbarth (this group takes on another major importance when the alliance between Alfheimers and Shadowelves comes about in AC1015) they have sponsorship of some Everast, Torkrest and Hurwarf; their symbol is not widely publicized outside the group ("TH" or Thurisaz rune), but it serves to remind the main ideals and goals of its members - spying and performing mischief among the elves.

Underside - Having as its main objective operations of vandalism, the dwarves (and some humans!) attached to underside are as close as Rockhome may have to a Thieves' Guild (though not exactly). For identification among their members or contact with criminal guilds outside of Rockhome, they often use an identification symbol other than a heraldic shield - which may change from time to time.

Silver Company - Sponsored by the Syrklist clan, this troop of young dwarves (and some veterans in the lead) has as its primary function to protect and escort clan caravans and defend Syrklist commercial interests where necessary (roads and routes, caravans that travel far from Rockhome, etc). Occasionally the interests of the Silver Company intersect with those of the Union of Trade Guilds (especially when the Syrklist clan is involved in the process). In situations of great need, the Silver Company may hire small groups of mercenaries to supplement its contingent of soldiers (such as auxiliary troops).

Black Mantles - Just as the Hurwarf are regarded as nationalist zealots, Black Mantles make up their political arm of action; difficult to define this faction only as a military group: political activists, guild of nationalist ideology (for the sake of the dwarven race), its influential reach is extensive. The Black Mantles find many supporters in other clans (like some Torkrest), butthey still remain very connected to the Hurwarf.

Union of Trade Guilds - This large corporation gathers and strengthens the power of the smaller retail guilds in Rockhome (bakers, blacksmiths, stonecutters, miners, woodcutters, crafters and merchants in general). The council that leads this organization is made up of the richest merchants among the dwarven families in Rockhome (like the Daroban, Dulgar, Eftkroten and others). They have a working relationship with the Banking Guild, the Silver Company and the Company of Lakes (among others). Its main goal is to unify and strengthen the trade of the great guilds in Rockhome.

Banking Guild - For better security of merchant guilds, the Banking Guild administers transportation and payment through the system of transactions involving large amounts of money (larger than 500 gp), the CLOC - Certified Letter of Credit - is used (thus discouraging thugs and looters to act). Until recently, the guild was working together with the Bank of Darokin, but the events of AC 1012 have since moved them away.

Royal College of Sages - The Royal College of Sages is based in Lower Dengar in Rockhome at the very heart of power in the kingdom. Its headquarters is a magnificent domed structure next to the Senate in the Dwarfheart Cavern. It was founded in 737 AC with both a public and a secret agenda.
Publicly, it is a scholarly organisation devoted to archaeology and recording historical events both in relation to the kingdom of Rockhome and the world outside. The college of sages maintain a very large non-human library and are the custodians of massive amounts of knowledge – from the trivial to the most important scientific and religious discoveries of the ages.

Black Banner - After being exiled these few Hurwarf (the most loyal and close to Duric and Bifia) of Rockhome, have joined Duric's troops as voluntary allies and are currently training (with armaments and equipment provided by the Modrigswerg allies) - hoping for the fall of Everast XVI and reconquest of Rockhome. This small army unit is still quiet, awaiting instructions before acting again.

The Clergy - The Clergy form a kind of society; they meet in an annual forum on a regular basis (their principal meeting - The Cleric´s Forum on Dengar - is on 21 Styrlin/Yarthmont) , but the 21st each month is the date for lesser meetings in all Rockhome. They discuss their philosophies, the current spiritual state of the nation and how they can better guide the dwarves in communion with Kagyar.

Company of Lakes - Composed of a union of smaller guilds and families working with the maritime trade of goods between the Stahl and Klintest lakes. They are good allies of the Banking Guild and the Union of Trade Guilds. The Company of Lakes inspects travel regulations and regulates ship-to-ship traffic within Rockhome. Usually each major port city has some chapter of this guild.

Sharp Blades - Sharp Blades is a mercenary guild in Dengar. They gather a good amount of mercenary troops as well as other smaller guilds of Ax-for-hire and Men-at-Arms; the leadership of this mercenary guild is commanded by a cohesion of veteran dwarves (mostly Torkrest) or retired military personnel. They sell their services for various tasks and do not distinguish those who wish to join their ranks (in a format similar to the French Foreign Legion in RW).

The Hammer - A secret society of dwarves (made up mostly of military Torkrest) determined to contain the Wyrwarf turmoil and to keep the farmers in their respective places; every few weeks they meet in secret places featured in black clothes and masks to plan and wreak some havoc on farmers when necessary.

Cliff Hangers - The Cliff Hangers (or Clangers, as they usually abbreviate) are an informal explorers' guild; a group of adventurers aiming to explore the mountains, caves, valleys and Rockhome wilds (and beyond borders!). Among this group can be found warriors, cartographers, geologists and scouts. Among its members is Kori Fire-Eye (Nordenshield) - its motto includes: "Be Prepared"!

Temple Guards - They form a kind sub society inside of The Clergy; their main goal is the zeal and protection of the temples of Kagyar and sites sacred to the dwarves or of great historical value (such as ancient ruins and sanctuaries) as well as relics linked to the history of the dwarves. In the temples of the big cities (Dengar, Smaggeft, Evemur) there is usually a small circle (3-6 members) while for the other towns and cities of the kingdom there are some itinerant Templars or some others responsible for a region of small villages (the central guild is in Dengar).