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Rockhome Dwarven Senators

by Hausman Santos

Here is a short list of Senators representing the prominent families in Rockhome (within each clan). It is important to realize that each clan has dozens of other Senators (usually one for each midsize family) and this small sample is an aid to help DMs expand their games involving family policies in clans and political agreements.

Buhrodar: Koris daughter of Goris (Buhrodar); Blirun brother of Blindis (Blystats); Golum son of Gorfin (Denwarfin); Bolis wife of Olic (Blystat-Hrodar); Donan Buhrast (Buhrast); Dorflun mate of Korlin (Buhraden); Glarin wife of Gloren (Buhrhrokar); Torban (Buhrod-Syrklis).

Everast: Noris daughter of Nais (Everast); Gilin daughter of Gilis (Tordar); Noria wife of Nored (Styrdal); Thraor Sarkrey (Sarkrey); Throril (Hrumdal); Faron (Evehrodar).

Hurwarf: Dohrun brother of Dohr (Kudwarf); Giltor the Old (Throrur); Gored nephew of Oar (Hrokar); Bolana wife of Bofar (Hurdurgar); Boras wife of Oren (Hurkrey); Farin (Hurgwerf); Bofan (Thoric-Hrodar).

Skarrad: Filia daughter of Koria (Nordenshield); Gorin Garrak (Garrak);Hulgris wife of Hurgrin (Hurgon-Skarrad); Zoldar the Old Torkyn (Eveskyn); Dwafa Nogon the Old (Nogon); Hurin son of Hured (Hurstyr); Dalida wife of Dwelar (Radrast); Horgrin wife of Horgen (Torenmur); Mordrin sister of Gorin (Klintgar).

Syrklist: Dia daughter of Fara(Syrklist); Gorur Dulgar (Dulgar); Gilin Daroban (Daroban); Nodar son of Norden (Styrklint); Helga-Syrklis (Syrklis- Hurgon); Korar son of Kured (Syrast); Brulis (Eftkroten); Dubal (Klyntar).

Torkrest: Korin son of Orin (Torkrest); Dolic brother of Doic (Kurpuhn); Moror son of Borfor (Blystar); Korif Duril (Duril); Belas wife of Bundar (Sardal); Dolun son of Torun (Narum); Dalen Evedain the Old (Evedain); Dovana wife of Dalin (Durolar); Noralin (Norden); Konto son of Boltor (Ivrast); Girur (Hurgon-Hrokar).

Wyrwarf: Belfin son of Dorfin (Kurutar); Throrin daughter of Thraia (Larodar); Gillum son Gilian (Tordal); Das mate of Dwas (Kerdol); Konar mate of Konis (Stahlin); Other minor wyrwarf families - no senator.

Certainly each of these families and their members (which has done a thorough research between the original publications and the fanon materials that have developed a bit more of Rockhome) can be seen in more detail in the "Dwarven Families Extended" article published in Threshold Magazine Issues # 18 and # 19

This article and the previous one (published in Threshold Magazine issue # 16 "Updates for your Rockhome Champaign") was the result of the updating and detailing of this scenario in conversation with Giulio Caroletti and other members of the Old Almanac Team for the construction of the Mystaran Almanac AC 1020 which is in production.v