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Religion in Mogreth

by Geoff Gander

The Sorcerer Kings of Mogreth permit only one faith in their empire, that of complete devotion to the Outer Beings (or, the True Lords of All Creation and Time, as they are officially known). Every settlement of notable size has at least one temple devoted to the entire pantheon of Outer Beings, but larger towns and cities also have temples dedicated to single Outer Beings. The most common single-purpose temples are those consecrated to Yurrgh-Thal (He Who Changes) and Rosheg-Kha (She Who Provides, the Father of Lizards). The Carnifex tongue is regarded as the holy language of Mogreth; although few of the nation’s inhabitants can now speak it. The dialect spoken is that which was used in Y’hog, and all holy rituals, as well as spells, are conducted in that language. A slightly more colloquial version is used as the language of court.

Priests of the Outer Beings occupy respected roles in Mogreth society; harming one – even by accident – brings severe penalties. Slaves are forbidden from making eye contact with a priest, under pain of death, as it is thought that the sanctity of the priest is defiled. Sorcerer kings, although practitioners of magic, are also considered to be priests according to the customs of Mogreth.


The Faith
When one professes to “the Faith” in Mogreth, they are indicating that they follow the Outer Beings. It is broadly assumed (albeit incorrectly) that all lizard-kin and frog-folk inhabitants of Mogreth observe the Faith, and thus it is considered impolite to even ask any member of those races whether they do so. Those who feel a special calling become priests, but for the general populace the Faith is something that provides guiding principles on how to live and a framework for viewing the world, but little more. Slaves are forbidden from observing the Faith, and are executed for blasphemy if they are caught doing so.

Cult of Dominion
A secretive sect, the Cult of Dominion worships Slizzark. Coastal settlements, particularly remote ones in the Issus River Delta, and the Theliir Peninsula, have more active sects, presumably because they have greater access to Slizzark's servitors, many of whom favour watery environments.

The Way of Irrub
Some frog-folk are adherents to this highly secretive sect of the Faith. Although the Outer Beings are venerated, the rituals and prophecies were handed down, in highly corrupted form, from the lost empire of Y’ruth. The works of the long-dead sage Irrub constitute holy texts, and they foretell the fall of Mogreth, and the rise of a great human empire in its wake. Frog-folk are also considered to be the most holy children of the Outer Beings. Naturally, the Way is considered blasphemy, and anyone found to be a believer is executed. Some outsiders who know of this faith also call it the Cult of the Frog.

The World Cult
This forbidden cult is dedicated to Protius, Ixion, and Ordana, as embodiments of water, sky, earth, and all living things – in short, the world. Many slaves have turned to this faith as a means of spiritually sustaining themselves, but some troglodytes and lower-caste lizard men have also secretly embraced it. A core notion of the cult is that the works of the sorcerer kings have harmed the world itself, and the day shall come when all shall be restored to its proper balance. One former high priest of the Faith roams Mogreth, quietly performing miracles and bringing more converts to the cause.