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Rockhome (Kingdom of)

Location: East of Darokin and Aengmor, south of Ethengar, west of the Northern Reaches and northwest of Ylaruam.
Area: 41,140 sq. mi. (92,565 km2)
Population: 1,000,000 dwarves, plus a handful of humans who have been permitted to stay.
Languages: Dwarvish, Thyatian Common (which many dwarves learn during their trade dealings with the outside world).
Coinage: Sun (10 gp), trader (1 gp), moon (10 sp), star (1 sp), and stone (cp).
Taxes: Annual (Kaldmont 1) 100% Income tax collected by clan, which is then redistributed by the clan head according to need and productivity. Roughly 35% of the collected sum is paid as taxes to the King. Foreigners have a 5% sales tax on all goods purchased in Rockhome, as well as a 25% income tax on all wages earned in Rockhome.
Government Type: Monarchy, heavily influenced by clan leaders.
Industries: Mining (precious metals and iron), metalworking, stoneworking, crafts.
Important Figures: Everast XVI (King, dwarf, male, F15)
Flora and Fauna: The most important creatures of Rockhome at this time are the countless goblinoids running rampant throughout the valleys. Otherwise, one would have to worry about wild horses, deer, mountain lions, wolves, and yeti.

Pine forests seem to be the only type of forest that can make a living in the area.
Further Reading: GAZ6 - The Dwarves of Rockhome, AC1010 - Poor Wizard's Almanac to AC1012 - Poor Wizard's Almanac 3, and Joshuan's Almanac.

Description: by Ursula Bremen

Unfortunately, the dwarves of Rockhome have recently closed their borders to all foreigners, including to members of the Darokin Diplomatic Corps. The dwarves are still upset over the Western Defence League's refusal to help them in their war against the shadow elves in the caverns beneath the Broken Lands. Now, in their paranoia, they view all humans as allies to the shadow elves.

Rumours have left the dwarven nation claiming that they are facing constant goblinoid raids, yet are too stubborn to ask other nations for help.

I therefore have no report to give to you on Rockhome at the present time. I assure you, however, that the DDC will have a report for next year, whether or not the dwarves give them permission to enter their lands.