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Rock men family

by Robin

A normal Rock men family.
As there are no genders, differences are only in shape and function.
We see here an older adult Rock men right, a younger Rock men Earth-Elementalist with a fulgerite staff, and a Rock men child being very happy with its Ogre Skull Ball.
This drawing I did create in a jiffy, to be used in a Threshold Magazine.

They dwell in caves, and have no advanced technology, but have adapted to their environment well. They know how to produce healing vapors from the rocks.

Fulgurites are formed when lightning strikes the ground, fusing and vitrifying mineral grains.
Rock men earth elementalist dig these from the ground to use as a sort of spellbook. These fulgurites store the spells learned indefinetly enabling to rememorize them if in tune with the stone itself.. in fact functions like a normal spellbook, but useless to non-earth Elementalists. valued at normal book prices x150%.