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Dwarvish raids into Glantri

by Pol GinÚs

Dwarves usually organize raids into Glantri, specially against the Boldavian lords in the north, sometimes with help from Ethengarian clerics and agents.

Boldavians -undead masters and nosferatus- can bring great damage to Rockhome cities where there are not undead-turning clerics and underground (no sun) life is busy.

They need a safe route to bring nosferatus to the Dwarf country, where they can charm and infect dwarves to create more nosferatus. They can fly as bats by night, but not over rivers. So they have created a route with some caves in the Heldannic Hills, a great base near Nordesfjord and a operation place in the port city of Sudorn. There, they put nosferatu agents in long wooden boxes and sail to Rhoona, where their agents organize land caravans to Evekarr Fort.

Evekarr garrison some years ago discovered nosferatus in caravans, so now they, as a routine, open big boxes under the sun. But they do not know that some of their aduane agents have already been infiltrated by nosferatu-dwarves.

This is the route that brings Boldavian nosferatu cells to the undercities of Dengar, Kurdal y Smaggeft. Will the PCs find the cells and cut the route?

[Red arrows: classic dwarf route for a crusade against Boldavian death lords...; yellow lines: nosferatu route to Rockhome; yellow stars: bases and affected cities]