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Rod of Depletion

by Tristan Dunigan

Rod of Depletion (useable by mages)

This item was created by a Herathian mage with a special dislike for Inheritors.

This item will drain Cinnabryl as the Deplete spell, however the person to be "drained" must be struck with the rod. The rod itself causes 1d6+1 hp damage. A struck person can attempt a save vs. spell. If the saving throw is made, only 1/2 the Cinnabryl normally drained will be affected.

This item can not however be used on Cinnabryl itself in an attempt to make more Red Steel. It must be used on a individual wearing Cinnabryl. In fact, if the rod itself comes in direct physical contact with Cinnabryl or Red Steel, it becomes useless.

The Inheritor Orders have standing rules regarding these items. If found, they are to be brought back to a Conclave where they are accounted for and destroyed.