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by Patrick Sullivan

Name: Rohindartha, The Enlightened One

Sphere: Thought

Alignment: Neutral (of neutral-good in AD&D)

Immortal Rank: Eternal

Immortal Level: 29

Abilities: Str- 42 Int- 45 Wis- 68 Dex- 44 Con- 47 Cha- 40

Permanent Power: 9,500

Saving Throws: Spell Attacks- 7, Physical Attacks-3, Mental Attacks- 6, Power Attacks- 5

AC: -21, THAC0: *6 (misses only on natural 1, add 6 to damage roll)

Hit Dice: 43

Hit Points: 700, # Attacks: 4, Punch Damage: 4d6 Anti-magic: 80%

Special Abilities: Aura- affects up to 23 mortals (vampires, dragons, etc. ARE affected) with terror, paralysis, or charm.

Magic- Any clerical, magical, or druidic spell any number of times per day, + immortal magic

Regeneration- 1d4 hp per day if active, 1d8 per day at rest

Communication with any living being, all air-related non-living things Rapid travel, special defence against non-magical weapons and poison, protection from magic, infravision, creation of any items, and about anything else that you can think of.

Powers: Turn Undead ( as a 36th level Cleric), Mystic Special Abilities (acrobatics, awareness, heal self, mind block, blank out, gentle touch as 16th level mystic)

Description: Rohindartha is rather small for an immortal, though he's a little over average human size. He has black hair and brown eyes, and varies his appearance subtly to match those he is dealing with.

Personality: Rohindartha was a Prince of some distant civilisation (Sind, shortly after its peak). His worship has disappeared from that country, but was brought to the Orient by missionaries centuries ago. He gave up everything he had to seek the Middle Path, not succumbing to the temptation of luxury, yet also avoiding the extreme tortures of self-deprivation in seeking enlightenment. He was an epic hero who ventured far and wide in search of enlightenment. There are many vague stories about his life, though none are very specific. His patron was Alphatia, and he has remained on good terms with her and Koryis, whose interests he shares. One of his long term goals was to civilise the Minaeans so that the areas where he was worshipped could trade and interact freely with the Alphatians, but that goal may fade with the disappearance of Alphatia. He is dedicated to raising mortals up above the suffering of mortal life through enlightenment. He detests all undead as trapping a spirit indefinitely in the realm of suffering. Rohindartha is dedicated to bringing goodness through extreme non-violence (except towards undead), but, because laws so frequently interfere with genuine goodness and he feels no tie to any law but goodness, his alignment is given as neutral. Rohindartha does not believe that he is fully enlightened, and is one of the few immortals actively seeking the secret of the Old Ones, although he is only an Eternal. He and Khoronus are friends and research partners. Rohindartha considers every immortal of the sphere of entropy to be his personal enemy, with the notable exception of Hel, whose enmity is merely professional in nature. Rohindartha's nature is one of absolute goodness and pacifism.

Philosophy: Rohindartha's followers are divided into two major denominations. The Elders' Path is a "monotheistic" philosophy which is devoted to the quest for enlightenment through following the way of the Enlightened One; it demands a more active role on the part of believers, and stresses extreme tolerance and pacifism. The Greater Path is the philosophy in which adherents believe that they are helped along the way to enlightenment by those who have already become enlightened (including several other immortals, some immortals sponsored by Rohindartha, several titans, and a number of heroes of the past or simply fictional ones); this is a slightly less spiritual, less austere philosophy which is better suited to normal life. Both philosophies stress pacifism, goodness, respect for elders, and most of all, the quest for enlightenment. Many orders of Mystics follow Rohindartha, along with the clerics. His clerics are made up mainly of monks, though nuns and gurus also exist. They devote their lives to doing good and seeking enlightenment. Clerics receive "De-animate" rather than "Animate Dead". This spell alters an undead to it's state before animation, thus freeing the spirit from the undead. This only works on monsters animated by a spell. Clerics may wear no armour, although they can use a shield and their increased presence of mind gives them a -3 bonus on armour class, plus an additional -1 bonus every 4 levels after first. Rohindartha's clerics radiate such an aura of peace that living creatures are less likely to attack them (+1 or +2 bonus on initial reaction rolls, or such), unless the creature recognises the cleric as a personal enemy. DMs should award experience for monsters that the clerics avoid fighting, as well as role-laying bonuses for pacifism if they are deserved.