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Rage Of The Rakasta Characters

by Håvard

Daymio Kamaggi (Rakasta)
Kamaggi is the leader of the Asharai Rakasta. She recently lead her people to Thunder Rift from Myoshima.

Kaminari (5th level Rakasta Wizard)
Kaminari is an old Rakasta and an advisor to Kamaggi, the Daymio of the Rakasta of thunder Rift. He recently plotted against his ruler and was forced to flee when his plot was thwarted by heroes from Torlynn. While it is possible that he dies at the end of the module, it would be more interesting to have him around. Perhaps he still has allies among the Rakasta Ninjas and will remain a threat to the Thunder Rift Rakasta as well as to Torlynn for some time.

Ashinka (Rakasta Samurai, Dead)
Ashinka was until recently one of the best warriors of the Rakasta of Thunder Rift.

Tamokka (Rakasta, Dead)
Tamokka was the sister of Daymio Kamaggi. She was killed as a result of Kaminariís schemes.