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The People:

by Alex Benson

"Bunch of arrogant folk these men of Randel. Strutting about like they own the world. Worse yet are the commoners. But best beware, those folk are warrior happy. Even a lowly street vendor could be a highly skilled swordsman. Never know what you might be facing."
Representative Maglaz, Imperial representative to Randel

The people of Randel are mostly of "common" Alphatian stock. They are a hearty people, proud of their status and heritage. Most carry themselves with an air of discipline, walking with a distinct military stride. Their appearance is proper and trim. It is common for the citizens to be armed with at least a brace of daggers.

Visitors will notice that spellcasters and commoners are on a much more even footing here, especially those in uniform. The spellcasters, in particular, do not look down upon the commoners as much as elsewhere in the Empire. It is not uncommon to see both mage and commoner walking together, eating together, or drinking together.

This camaraderie between spellcasters and non-spellcasters comes from the ancient tradition of non-spellcasters doing their utmost to strive to perform to the best of their abilities. Whereas this Old Alphatian tradition has faltered elsewhere in the Empire, it is alive and well in Randel.

The military is one of the prime characteristics of Randel. The vast majority of the populace is, was, or plans to be soldiers. People not of the military are looked upon with a sense of pity and/or disdain. It is rumoured that a citizen of Randel can just look at someone and tell if they are or were a soldier.

Another Randel characteristic, is their fondness for wine. Randel wine vintages are prized and sought out all over the Empire. Yet, the majority of the wines are consumed domestically. It is a common event that on almost any and every night, citizens will assemble in wine houses (never call them taverns) and drink well into the night.

As with most taverns of the world, such revelry often includes the swapping of tall tales and stories. Behaviour is usually well behaved despite the amounts of alcohol consumed. This is not to say that conflict does not occur, for it does. However, most disputes are resolved by a game of skill or a quick duel, which ends at the first drawing of blood. It should be noted that visitors should be wary of these wine houses. Foreign visitors will find themselves the object of much attention.


Randel is mainly comprised of both "common" and "pure" Alphatians. Other human types are mainly derided from enslaved folk or the descendants of those slaves. There are no elven clans in Randel. However, there are a number of elves living there, most acting within the employment of the military. Dwarves sometime frequent the lands of Randel, travelling from Stoutheart mostly for arms business. Halflings are virtually nonexistent. Demihuman slaves are mostly unheard of.

For demihumans to join in and serve the Randel Armed Forces, such a person must live within Randel for a period of one hundred years. By this time, they will have asserted themselves in Randel society and proven their compatibility. Mercenaries are exempt from this waiting period. Most militarily oriented demihumans in Randel can be found within the ranks of the mercenaries.