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Campaign journal

by RPGPundit

In my campaign, which has been going on for a while now, it is the year 1005. The PCs at the moment are:

Sir Firearm: Avenger lv. 16 (of Vanya)
Corwyn of Darokin: A cleric of Asterius Lv. 14 (I think)
Galafilus: A halfling from Karameikos, sheriff Lv. 8
Hathalon Mealidil: An Alfheim elf, lv. 8
Alendalan Callari: An elf of Karameikos Lv. 7

The PCs had started in 999 as a party of Karameikan adventurers; of that original group only Firearm and Galafilus have been uninterrupted party members. Alendalan was also an original party member but had been petrified from 1000-1005, after an unfortunate cockatrice encounter.

The party started out in Threshold, went to the keep on the borderlands, did a bit more adventuring in Karameikos, then took a ship to Monorchid, in chase of the evil wizard Burgle, who had become their enemy. They ended up going to the Isle of Dread, and then sailed back via Irenic to the Known World, eventually suffering a shipwreck near the black eagle barony.

It was 1000 by then, and Alendalan was petrified around that time. Later they got into a scrap involving having accidentally found, unwittingly carrying, and eventually losing an immortal artefact called a Power stone, the power of which they never realised until after it was already lost (stolen by a treacherous party member who left them).

After this, and a lot of trouble running into very powerful people who mistakenly thought their party still had the stone, the gang travelled to the Five Shires, where they spent almost 2 years. Galafilus became the boyfriend to the sheriff Delude, and the party dedicated themselves to seemingly killing every last monster in the Shires. It was here that they met the Cleric of Asterius, and the Alfheim elf.

Finally in 1002 they left to Darokin, where they very quickly ended up falling through a gate in time, and ending up in the distant past long enough to witness the destruction of Blackamoor. The Cleric also met Asterius himself back when Asterius was still a mortal, as well as Rafael, and would find out about the existence of the power source known as the Radiance. Warned that it could still exist, and endanger all of the world, in their own time, the party returned to the present but ended up missing the target by a couple of years and ending up in 1004.

From there, they went to Darokin city, where they spent nearly the entire year training in weapons, magic, and making research to try to determine if the Radiance still existed, and if so where it could be found.

Based on some of this information they travel west to Akesoli, reaching the city in late 1004. By this time it is clear that there is about to be a war between Alphatia and Glantri, and their investigations in that city reveal to them that the Radiance is in fact somewhere in Glantri. In Akesoli, the PCs find the petrified body of Alendalan, and finally manage to de-petrify him.

However, in Communing with his immortal, the Cleric learns that apparently the party is meant to travel south, to the Atraughin plateau. They proceed to do so in early 1005, leaving just after they hear of the formal declarations of war between Alphatia and Glantri, Thyatis and the Heldann Freeholds. In the Atraughin lands they meet the friendly Atraughin tribes, whose Shaman tells them they that Atraughin has foretold of their coming and instructed the natives to guide the party to the "palace of Atraughin". They travel there, dispatching some monsters on the way and finding the strange head on top of the temple of Atraughin, something the Shaman had mentioned to them.

Entering the head, they are jolted downwards, trapped in the head travelling for what seems like ages, until they arrive in a mysterious place, a jungle not unlike the one they left, but where the horizon curves upwards, there are floating islands in the sky, and a huge red sun.

That's where things are at up to now.