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Campaign journal

by RPGPundit

Update for this week:

All players were present, as such Sir Firearm recovered from his illness.

He awoke to find himself along with the other PCs on the Tyrant, an Alphatian skyship, heading straight up toward the polar regions in an attempt to get out of the Hollow World.

The PCs flew north at great speeds, over the course of several days passing through plains, hills, mountains, and finally Tundra.

There were precious few encounters along the way: A group of Pteranodons, destroyed by the Alphatian boltmen; in the hills some beastmen, which they slew easily, finding little treasure.

Finally, after several days, they arrive at the polar regions. Magic doesn't work there, in the netherspace between the hollow world and the outer world, so the skyship was forced to land and the player characters had to walk alongside the Alphatians, who set up a pulley system to drag the great skyship through the tundra in the darkness of the eternal night of the polar zone.

The immortal-made metal-detecting sword still worked, and helped to warn the PCs of the impending arrival of a Heldannic warbird, also earthbound. Choosing to avoid combat with the powerful Heldannic knights, the party moved on by another route.

Finally, they got far enough past the hollow world for magic to function again, and once more the skyship set to the skies.

The very next day the ship encounters a flight of Large Rocs, who they fight. Alendalan charms monster on one of them, taming it, and after the battle they fly down to the Rocs' nests. There they find that the Roc they had tamed had eggs, so Alendalan chose to leave the mother Roc there safely with her future children. They did take the considerable number of gems that were present though.

A while later, they ran into a group of gargoyles, which Hathalon did short work of with his Ice Storm, one of the new spells he'd learnt from the Alphatians on the trip. They searched some ancient ruins the gargoyles were guarding, but whatever treasure had been there was long since gone.

A few days after that, Captain Marakaz announced that they were in arctic waters near the known world, and the Tyrant sets course for Norwold and the Alphatian empire. Its Thaumont of 1005.

The PCs at this point are:
Sir Firearm: Lv. 16 Avenger of Vanya
Corwyn: Lv. 17 Cleric of Asterius
Galafilo: Lv 8 Halfling sheriff
Hathalon: Lv. 9 Alfheim Elf
Alendalan: Lv. 8 Karameikan Elf

That's it for this week.