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Locations near Redstone

by Robin

not done much but added some hexes here and there, improved the Amsorak Coastline, added a few mountain and other names.
Mnt. Trollkarn (Translation; Mnt. Sorcerer)
Mnt. Kratern Asikte (Translation; Mnt. Craterview) From here a wide unobstructed view of the redstone valley is at best.
Mnt. Häxakvast (Translation; Mnt. Witchbroom)
Mnt. Häxa (Translation; Mnt. Witch)
Mnt. Zvartkonst (Translation; Mnt. Sorcery)
Mnt. Sotberg (Translation Mount Soot) Turned black by volcanic soot.
Mnt Tvilinsystrar (Norr/Sud) (Translation. Mnt. Twinsisters (North/South))
Vulkanberg (Translation; Volcano mountain)...up to this day Phoenix birds nest within this region and can be seen hunting regularly. A gate to the Elemental Plane of Fire is suggested to exist there.
Gate of Kostianaya Noga (Translation;Gate of the Bony Leg). The old glacial valley which hides many sources of magic.
Valley Häxa Pannadal (Translation;Witches Cauldron Valley)two lion statues 'guard' the entrance to the valley yonder