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Lady Arteris Penhaligon, Estate Penhaligon

by Brian Caraway

Human female 9th level fighter

Alignment: Neutral Good.

STR 17 +1 to attacks and damage Combat Modifiers Saving Throws
DEX 14 Attacks per Round 2/1 Paralysis/Poison 8
CON 17 +3hp/die Melee THACO 10 Petrification/Polymorph 10
INT 18 Missile THACO 11 Rod/Staff/Wand 9
WIS 13 Hurled THACO 11 Breath Weapon 9
CHA 15 Armor Class -1/1/2 Spells 11
COM 17 Fascination unless Wis 8+ Hit Points 94
PER 14 Move Rate 12

Special Abilities: None.
Magic Items: Banded Mail +2, medium shield +1, longsword +2, cloak of protection +2.
Equipment: Any.
Weapon Proficiencies: Longsword (specialized), light crossbow, dagger, horseman’s mace.
Proficiencies: City Familiarity (Penhaligon), Direction Sense, Local History, Read/Write (common; lettered), Riding Land-based, Leadership, Etiquette.

Appearance: Age: 29. Height: 5’5”. Weight: 135 lbs. Hair: Brown. Eyes: Brown. Build: Curvy.
Arteris is a quite attractive woman, obviously born of noble blood. Her light brown hair (usually done up in a complex plait of some kind) falls to the middle of her back when loose, and her dark brown eyes sparkle with intelligence and wit. She is usually immaculately dressed, be it in her armor, robes of state or finery for court and gatherings. The only time she dresses plainly is when she clandestinely goes to Madame Desiree’s house to “blow off some steam” as she likes to put it.

Personality: Courageous, Compassionate, Tolerant, Lecherous. Arteris is a decent person, and a more than capable warrior. Over the last four years, she has governed her town with a firm, yet decent and compassionate hand, always willing to assist those in need, but never allowing herself or her town to be unduly taken advantage of. But she has a side to her that would cause scandal amongst the nobility if it were ever to come to light: She has very strong romantic and sexual desires, to the point where she has been secretly going to Madame Desiree’s Pleasure House on a weekly basis. She has become a rather devout worshipper of Valerias though she keeps her faith private to avoid scandal, and she has been going to their temple in the festhall for counseling to control her desires as much as to sate them. More than anything, she wishes to find a husband that can bank the fires that burn within her, but there is no one amongst the nobility in Penhaligon whom she has feelings for aside from respect, and certainly none amongst them who could satisfy her appetites. So as she governs her town, she keeps a surreptious eye out for a man who could be her true consort.

Encounter Notes: Lady Arteris keeps her desirous nature well hidden from mostly everyone in town. Only Madam Desiree and her priests know the truth, and they have sworn themselves to secrecy. PCs might encounter her during a raid, leading from the front, directing her forces in repelling yet another raid by humanoids, or perhaps she might recruit them to do a little raiding on the humanoids themselves, or to escort a caravan to Stallanford or even Selenica. But if a PC is of exceptional magnetism or handsomeness (either Charisma or Comeliness of 17 or higher), Arteris may take a more personal interest in that PC, especially if that PC performs any deeds to assist her town or barony. Where that may lead, only the PC and DM know.