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Thoughts on the rise of the Radus, Torenescus and Vorloi

by AllanP

The Dark Age
BC 800 - Vandar tribesmen arrive in the Traldar lands and settled on the hillock on the north side of the entrance to Mirror Bay; by BC 500, the Traldar-Vandar fusion has resulted in the new Traladaran people. The earliest Radus are one of the families of this fusion. Elsewhere, in Krakatos, the Torenescu clan rises as descendants of King Tahrek.
Around BC 490, following the destruction of Krakatos, the Torenescu clan moves to Marilenev.

The Banate of Marilenev
The Radu and Torenescu are among the clans united by Bogdan Ivanovivh (AC 301-356), and begin to flourish as merchants in Marilenev’s growing trade economy. They become business rivals having embraced the trading potential.
Radus, Torenescus and others established the Merchants’ Guild c. AC 400.
Vorloi departure after Second Traladaran War (cAC 450)
The Torenescu clan were predominant in the founding of the Moneychangers’ Guild in response to the increasing presence of foreigners and Traladarans from different principalities following the foundation of Minrothad, and the Fourth Traladaran War of AC 493.

The Free City of Marilenev
In AC 612, the Trade Guilds, led by Petros Radu, rebelled against Duke Alexander Marilenev and deposed him.
C AC 675, Ilja Radu fortified the old Vandar settlement (north of the harbour entrance), resulting in that section of the city being referred to as a “stronghold”. Ilja leads a campaign to fortify the entire city to provide defence against outside threats. His fortification of the Stronghold District includes the foundations of the present Radu Manor.
AC 857 – a Radu begins a period as leader of the Marilenev Town Council/Priorate.
LoZompatore noted in his Thoughts on the Traladaran campaign of AC 900

On page 166 of the first PWA (AC 1010) in the 1 Nuwmont entry for Karameikos: "Start of the fifth year of rule" (i.e 5th year since Stefan “converted” from Duke to King), it seems that Marilenev was ruled by Radu's family around the time of the Thyatian conquest. Here we read a sentence about AC 872 being the 15th year of rule of Radu, where for the "year of rule" is intended the government of Marilenev settlement.

this suggests that a Radu was head of the Town Council/Priorate of Marilenev from AC 857 to at least 872. Father or grandfather of Antonio “The Great”? Not necessarily at time of Thyatian Occupation, a new leader could have been chosen (elected?) between AC 872 and 900.

c.AC 890 Samuil Torenescu leads the building of a new Hasll for the Moneychangers’ GGuild on the southern slope of “The Hill”.

Thyatian Occupation
AC 900 Naval bombardments devastate much of the Church District, including Torenescu family home. Samuil eventually builds new Torenescu Manor (House of Samuil) near the ne Moneychangers’ Guildhall. Stronghold District escapes such level of attack.
In AC 902, some Traladaran merchants and guilders form a self-defense group, which will become the seed of the Veiled Society.

Grand Duchy of Kareameikos
AC 970 Karameikos Acquisition; one of the Duke’s followers is Philip Vorloi whose ancestors fled Traladara over five centuries earlier.
AC971 Rebellion led by Marilenevs

I think this reflects that the Radus and Torenescus can trace their lines way back. Their influence starts around AC 400 with the Merchants' Guild formation and grows over the next centuries; particularly for the Radus with Petros and Ilja in the 7th century AC. It's only early in the 10th century AC that the Radus get involved with the Veiled Society.

Still work to do... I think thiings are open enough to allow individual DMs to decide their own motivations for the Radus, Torenescus, et al.

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