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by Sal Ortega

Who Rules: Lord Vlad Lutescu (LN male human Noble 3/Fighter 3)

Who Really Rules: Duke Stefan Karameikos III
Population: 650

Major Products: Fish, caravan goods

Armed Forces: Rugalov Keep lies across the Rugalov River, acting as the main point of entry for traders and travelers going to or from Thyatis. Rugalov Keep is primarily focused on collecting tariffs and taxes on caravan trade, so the 244 troops remain fairly close to the trade road. 1/5 of the troops are cavalry (Warrior 3) wearing chain shirts and carrying spear, longsword and shield. The remaining soldiers fight on foot (Warrior 2) with studded leather, longsword and crossbow. The vast majority of troops stationed here are Traladaran.

Local Laws: None in addition to the Duke’s Law.

Notable Mages:

Mariah of Biazzan (NG female human Wizard 7) is a Thyatian-born mage of Alasiyan descent. A native of Biazzan, she spent her youth as an adventurer before retiring with her husband to raise a family and run a small potion and scroll shop. She is a classic beauty with dusky skin, raven hair and an enticing smile. She appears far younger than her real age and is quite popular in town thanks to her willingness to aid the town with her magic.

Teralenor Brightflower (N male elf Wizard 3/Fighter 1) is a Callarii elf who makes a good living as a master of caravan guards and mercenary. He has a reputation for thinking quickly on his feet and for his quicker longbow.

Notable Churches: Lord Vlad has recently completed construction on a small but beautiful church dedicated to the Church of Traladara. It is run by Father Nico (LG human male Cleric 5), a middle-aged cleric who has a penchant for good food and friendly conversation. The Church of Karameikos has a small, unattended shrine frequently visited by travelers.

The Prophet’s Rest is a temple and religious school dedicated to Al-Kalim and the Eternal Way. Built in the Ylari style to serve the growing community of Alasiyan traders and artisans (from Biazzan and Ylaruam), it has a lot of space for future expansion. It follows the more cosmopolitan though and teachings of the Preceptor faction. Prayer Leader Ahmed Al-Omar (LG Human Cleric 4) is a dynamic speaker in his mid-thirties. He sees to his growing flock and helps Lord Letuscu smooth over any cultural issues.

A Thyatian fighting order, The Sisterhood of the Sword, has a small outpost in town. Hoping to expand their influence beyond the Empire, they have recently established a small walled enclave in Rugalov. A few Karameikan women have sought training here. The staff has also begun sending envoys to Specularum in hopes of finding some interested students among the cities less fortunate. They maintain a large chapel to Vanya, in the Thyatian style. Sister Ramana of Kerendas (N Human Female Fighter 2/Cleric of Vanya 4) runs the facility, aided by several Thyatian women who adventure together or alone in between their time as teachers.

Notable Rogues’ and Thieves Guilds: There are none known thieves’ guilds in Rugalov but both the Kingdom of Thieves and the Iron Ring are rumored to have agents in place to keep an eye on the caravan traffic.

Equipment Shops: Full, year-round.

Adventurers’ Quarters: For a small community, Rugalov has a large number of inns and taverns to service the large number of traders and caravan traffic. The Singing Robin is one of the most popular inns in town. Famous for its dark, nutty beer it has several richly appointed rooms for rent as well as a popular “party room” on the ground floor.

Important Characters:

Ilya Brebanovich (LN male human Fighter 5/Artificer 3) is the husband of Mariah and proud father of four. Two of his sons have recently been Sheared and are seeking their fortune as adventurers. He is a powerful swordsman but has channeled his efforts into becoming a well-known smith. He specializes in blades but can work on a number of arms or armor.

Lanius Trentium (NG male human Ranger 3/Bard 2) is a Forester from Thyatis. Three years ago, at the behest of the Vyalia clan, a handful of Foresters built a moderately sized rooming house just outside the village. Ostensibly a base for hunting and travel for Foresters who are “off-duty”, the Green Manor is often used by Foresters who seek to keep Vyalia lands free of raiding humanoids. Rumor has it that the Foresters and their Vyalia sponsors are seeking the location of a green dragon lair in the thick woods north of Rugalov. Lanius is often employed as a messenger, guide and huntsman on the Karameikan side of the river.