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by Sean Meaney

Dwarf L1; Str 8, Int 10, Wis 8, Dex 12, Con 15, Cha 11; 4hp; Neutral; AC7;
Skills (4): Stealth (city/outdoors), Law & Justice, Lip Reading, Read/Write(Dwarf);
Weapon Mastery (Blackjack/Skilled (2d2)/save vs Death ray @-1 penalty. Knock Out 1d100 rounds);
Background: Ruggin is a Spy in the employ of the Kingdom of Karameikos. He attatches himself to a Party to spy on them for the State or to use them as cover. He pretends to be a regular dwarf - though prefers to use a torch as a weapon - "anything not afraid of fire is worth running away from."
Equipment: Blackjack, leather armor, fine clothes, normal clothes, shoes, boots, saddlebags, cloak, hat, journal, quill, ink vial, leather pouch;
Wealth: 10 gp