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by Josh

NOTE: Ruinne is a small realm I created some time ago for my PC's. It can be used as an adventure for any characters and is easy to set up storylines for History: Ruinne is a fairly small realm created by one of the more chaotic Gods. This God gave the realm as a gift to his avatar, a warlord by the name of Anaroth. The realm is shaped like a bulky "L" with a single island to the north-east of the land. Anaroth took the many slaves of his empire (the Dark Legion) and kept them on the mainland, spread apart in 7 provinces, each named after one of the 7 Deadly Sins. The primary island was named Legion and housed the homes and families of Anaroth's officers. As time went on Anaroth realised that it was too difficult to run a realm while at the same time command an army, so he appointed a Prime Minister to watch over the realm in his absence. This Prime Minister, a young and brilliant wizard by the name of Devayan quickly accepted his position and worked hard at it. For 3 years though, the man secretly plotted against Anaroth, though unfortunately for him every plan was crumbled. Finally fate brought itself to Anaroth when he ticked off a Lich King from a distant realm known as Ganura. With inside information provided by Devayan, King Ganura defeated the army of Ruinne and seized the realm. Anaroth fled the realm, not to be heard from again for many years.

Though it turned out the majority of Ruinne's population wished Anaroth was still in power. King Ganura invaded the mainland of Ruinne with Undead soldiers, putting all the slaves in enclosed camps.

Many years later an Elvin King named Kien Floeshiem from the Forgotten Realms attempted to free the slaves of the Lich King Ganura and the sinister dictator Prime Minister Devayan. King Floeshiem and his Elvin army invaded the realm with help of a rebellious cult of slaves in Ruinne known as the DEATH (Disciples of Evil, Anarchy, Terror, and Hatred). That's where the adventure begins...

Adventure: I'm leaving this open for the DM to decide. There are many options as to what type of adventure their PC's can take depending on their alignment:

Lawful- The characters come to Ruinne to help Kien Floeshiem free the slaves from the camps and fight Ganura's Undead army Neutral- The characters are hired by the Ruinne cult DEATH to assassinate Devayan

Chaotic- The characters are hired by Devayan to assassinate Kien Floeshiem

I've always stressed creating your own quests as a DM b/c the players need creativity. I feel it can get VERY boring if you read to them from a booklet which contains stuff. So feel free to make up your own quest using one of the storylines and this setting. The great thing about this adventure is that it can be very easily adjusted to the levels of your PC's. Here are a list of NPC's that can be used. Email me ( if you'd like stats for any of the following.


Lich King Ganura- A cold and fierce ruler, has no emotions whatsoever. He is often careless and takes things for granted Prime Minister Devayan (Wizard)- A genius and master of negotiation and propaganda, an excellent speaker. Not much for fighting though, if he is losing a battle he often cheats or teleports away King Kien Floeshiem (Fighter)- A noble man, very tactical, sometimes a little too trusting

Amar Nor (Fighter/Mage)- Head of DEATH, very vengeful, absolutely hates slavery, quiet, insightful, and often practical Rahj (Psionic)- A Spy for DEATH, very charismatic, often lies, has no problem with playing both sides as long as he benefits Odunn (Fighter)- General of Floeshiem's army, a bold Elvin with a pure prejudice against Orcs, often has an egotistic attitude Orien (Fighter)- Devayan's personal assassin, cold, rarely speaks, extremely evil, thinks nothing of killing, never travels alone Thaddeus (Wizard)- Devayan's personal spy, a master of disguise, manipulative and charismatic