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Rolf von Graustein

by micky

I have been following the standard template of the Glantrian Personal Division when doing specific write-ups on individuals in Glantri. However I started to type this and when I got to 'background' I started all into the family history of Von Graustein, which considering all the work others have done in creating a real history, I thought it deserved a mention. Yet I think it really bloats the size and even the purpose of the personal background section. So I'm adding a new section to the standard GPD write up and adding a 'Family History' section so that the work others have done, really interesting stuff and surely very time consuming, might have a place in this expanded version of Glantri I'm trying to present. I'll go back to previous character write-ups I have done and bring them up to this new format.

Rolf Von Graustein

Viscount of Blofeld

1014 AC

"Tonight, we shall ascend into the heavens. We shall mock the earthquake. We shall command the thunders, and penetrate into the very womb of impervious nature herself"


Rolf von Graustein ,known affectionately as 'Herr Doktor', looks great for a man who just celebrated his 70th birthday. He is as active as any 20 year old, and is in excellent physical shape. If his physique and mannerisms don't give a person a hint as to age then a closer look might. What was a luxurious head of thick black hair has thinned out over the years and is now mixed with grey. Herr Doktor has strikingly hawkish facial features and rarely dresses up to his station in Glantrian society. He is always dressed in nondescript black and grey clothing usually with a long white coat over them. Herr Doktor has never been seen with any kind of jewellery or fancy accoutrements. He simply has no interest in such things.

Personality & Quirks

Von Graustein is driven by his experiments and magical research into the field of contracts. He spends most of his time in a special laboratory deep within the bowels of Schloss Ritterburg where he works constantly on his latest creations, or seeking a solution to a specific problem relating to his research into a particular creation. Rolf is often lost in his own world during these days and will forget about any mundane concerns or even forget that he might have visitors or guests once he immerses himself into his research. Prince Jaggar is Von Graustein's best friend and they have been friends since Jaggar was a child and was apprenticed for a time under Rolf's father during which time they met and established a lifelong friendship that continues just as strongly today. Rolf has a younger sister, Tabitha, who Rolf is affectionate towards but other than those two Rolf really has little time for anyone else in his life. Not that he is particularly anti-social as some driven mages can be, he just simply has no time for others with all the projects he has set for himself.

Family History

The Von Grausteins are a legendary family of the Hattian population in Glantri. The Von Graustein family was one of the prominent Hattian families put into exile after a revolt against the Thyatians in 313. The Von Grausteins and some other prominent families to emigrated to the Alasiyan colonies. There they remained for some 400 years until war came to Alasiya and the Thyatian forces were decimated at the Battle of Hedjazi in AC 728. Otto Von Drachenfels had heard rumours about the rich and sparsely populated Flaemish Highlands to the west and following the battle, several families followed Otto west, including the Von Graustein family.

Upon arriving in the Highland the Von Grausteins settled in present day located of Silverston and other Hattian families settled in the known today as Blackhill. The family and the rest of the Hattians were uprooted after Halzunthram decided he wanted the area the Hattians had for his own so he offered the head of the Hattians, Sigmund Von Drachenfels, the area of present day Aalban and his own. Against the protests of all the Hattian families he accepted and the Hattians, including the Von Grausteins vacated the lands they settled and moved to the north. The Von Grausteins were reluctant fighters on the side of Halzunthram during the early stages of the 40 Years War, being ever faithful to the head of the Hattians, the Von Drachenfels family, unaware that the current head of the Von Drachenfels was trying to undue what his father had done and was secretly trying to switch sides. Once the double-cross was finally revealed, and with the entry of Prince Morphail into the war on the side of the rebels, the tide of the war turned against Halzunthram.

With the end of the war the Hattians, including the Von Grausteins wanted their original lands returned to them. During the sessions that formed the political structure of the new Republic of Glantri. In a close vote the Council rejected the motion and the Von Grausteins, and other Hattian families, were given new dominions. The Barony of Adlerturm was given to the Von Grausteins. The Von Grausteins continued to rule Adlerturm for over a hundred years, occasionally tried but never succeeding to win an Awards Festival during these years. In 951 the Viscount of Blofeld, Alberts Kviepoly, and his entire family was found butchered and the Viscounty of Blofeld came open. This time the Von Grausteins got the required votes and moved to the Viscounty of Blofeld. There they remain to this present day. The Von Graustein family is a large one and has a large pools of heirs. The product of numerous marriages throughout the years between the Von Grausteins and the Von Drachenfels. It appears that the Von Graustein lineage will continue to be a part of Glantrian nobility as long as there is a Glantri.


Rolf Von Graustein was born in 943 to Sigmund Von Graustein and Beatrice Cjisters. Rolf's grandfather, Wilhelm was the Baron of Adlerturm. Both Sigmund and Beatrice were arcaners though of low level. Neither really had Wilhelms interest in magic. As a child Rolf spent more time with his Grandfather than his parent and took to heart his grandfathers interest in constructs. It wasn't long before the magical talents of Rolf became apparent and he soaked up everything his grandfather could teach him. During these years he met the young heir to the Principality of Aalban, Jaggar Von Drachenfels, who was sent to Wilhelm for a short apprenticeship before going to the Great School. Rolf was two years older than Jaggar but they formed a friendship that lasts to this day. It was cemented during their years at the Great School where they were inseparable even where their arcane interests were completely different. Rolf became a noted talent, even his youth for his creative and numerous experiments with alchemy and theories into constructs. After graduating the Great School in 961 Rolf went to live with his Grandfather, now the Viscount of Blofeld where he was given his own laboratory and he soon educating his former master in alchemy and educating him on advance construct theory. In 971 Wilhelms passed away after a heart attack and his declared heir, Rolf Von Graustein became the new Viscount of Blofeld. Rolf had not interest or experience in leading in dominion so he installed his father as his seneschal and continued to do as he had before his grandfather has passed and concentrated on his research.

With Jaggar's ascension to the throne of Aalban in 983 he invited Rolf to join him and offered him a facility and resources that he could not even hope to have drawing upon the resources of Blofeld. Rolf accepted and has spend most of time in Schloss Ritterburg since then. Rarely coming to Blofeld on business, just to see his sister who took over the management of Blofeld after their father passed away. Rolf in these years has become famous in Glantri with his mastery over Constructs and manipulating matter. He was given the moniker of 'Herr Doktor' and it stuck and he is referred by that by many that have not even met the Viscount. Rolf has not been married or has any children himself. He has two possible heirs in mind of distantly related cousins but hasn't made his mind up yet as to which he will name. Having always known that the family name and lineage will preserve he never was concerned with having a direct heir himself and while he likes a good looking woman as much as any man, he simply made the choice the give his life to his passion, research rather than home and hearth.

Web of Intrigue

As the Von Grausteins have always been, the Viscount of Blofeld is completely loyal to the Von Drachenfels family and votes according to the desires of the Prince. Herr Doktor has no interest, or participation in politics what so ever. The enemies and friends of the House of Ritterburg are also the enemies and friends of the Viscount. However Herr Doktor is often too busy to take a personal interest in these political games. The enemies of Jaggar know Von Graustein to be little threat since he has not interest in political games.

Style of Magic & Combat

Statistics: 17th level mage; 4th circle Alchemist, Str 10, Dex 12, Con 13, Int 17, Wis 11, Cha 8; AL- Neutral

Languages: Thyatian (Glantrian dialect), Flaemish, Averoignian

Weapon Proficiencies: dagger (skilled)

Skills: Alchemy (+1), Endurance, Alternative Magics, Science - Metallurgy (+1), Magical Engineering, Engineering (+1), Appraisal

"Rolf who? Oh, Herr Doktor. He's a little cracked, but harmless.. .right?"

(Franz L÷wenroth)