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Tournament Fields at Riverfork [AC1020]

by Sean Meaney

Death at Tournament

Kerric the Page ran toward the cleric's tent.
"Father Stephan! Its Mikal! He's been struck with a splinter!" The old cleric pulled aside the tent flap and hurried out towards the Tournament field.
"How bad is it?" The Halfling Page seemed anxious for him to hurry a little faster, indicating with a thumb to his eye as he grabbed some of the cleric's heavier items.
"Very bad."

DM Briefing: Nuwmont AC1020 has been a month of continuous tournament at Riverfork Keep that a Preminent Knight might be found to whom King Stephan will grant the Barony of Riverfork (The Lands between Gustos River and Magos River to the Black Peaks which are currently freehold lands). Unfortunatly Injuries and Deaths do happen. A Knight involved in Joust takes a lance splinter through the eye and he dies from the injury.

Source: Jouster killed in freak accident when shattered lance spears him through the eye during Time team re-enactment