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Saga of the Known World

by Byron Molix

Okay, since people said it would be cool, here is my campaign journal (first two entries). I haven't decided what real date it starts on, and these are my own recordings, they aren't in true story form because it's been too long since I ran these to write anything objective and with more flavour. Also, I don't remember everything the players said, so I'm trying not to put words in their mouths or misportray them. That said, here it is.

Saga of the Known World

Month 1, Day 1 : Fast talk

Robin nimbletoe enters Karameikos from the Five Shires, to seek his fortune and spread the word about Asterius, his patron immortal. Robin encounters Mush Wyvernkiller, a giant, near the northwestern border in the forests. The giant heads south to protect the 'childman' from bandits. Nimbletoe sneaks south after him. Halfling encounters Aleksander Korrigan and his patrol of Karameikan soldiers, they have been beset by the giant who quickly moved off after scaring off all of their horses. Robin heals one of the men and applies some bandages to the rest. Mush returns and robin narrowly avoids sending him off on a wild goose chase. Robin nimbletoe charms the giant into going back home. Aleksander is thankful when things are resolved according to his sense of responsibility. Nimbletoe then proceeds into the Town of Luln and introduces himself to a barkeep.


1) Aleksander isn't that happy because of Robin's numerous attempts to fool the giant into wandering somewhere else, which would likely cause more problems which he or another guardsman would have to fix.

2) Mush never told anybody his name, he'll probably give it when he shows up again next.

Month 1, Day 7 : A passle of priests

Vandivar, Myranor and Robin Nimbletoe all arrive in Mirros, capital of Karameikos. They each discover that Patriarch Oliver Jowett wishes to speak to any travelling priests who are entering Karameikos for the first time. The elf heads directly to the church's auxiliary complex, meets with, talks with at length and partakes of meals and sleeping quarters with the Church. Vandivar checks into Hotel Goldenstaff, and meets the owners young son, who is surprised to see him. Vandivar heads over to the local mage's guild, the Brotherhood of Sorcery, and checks in. Robin heads to the seediest bar he can find on short notice, the Flaming Flagon. He bellies up to request the house dish, stewed pears and pork pie, along with a few drinks, and attempts to cast guild signs off to the bartender. The bartender thinks he's a bit loopy, and suddenly the bar is watching him. He meets Alya the fortune teller, who helps him out by telling him that he's flashing the wrong guild signals, but tells him to come back in 3 days time if he wishes to join the Kingdom of Thieves. She pays for his drinks and heads out. He heads to a local cheap hotel and checks in.

Dramatis Personae:

note: Because of the way SAGA system works, characters don't have characteristics requirements except to get into races and kits. So you might have to adjust things if you use these guys for anything with *D&D.

Robin Nimbletoe is an ex-tailor, ex-thief, ex-healer, priest of Asterius from the Five Shires. He's a much better thief than priest, but he feels it is his calling. Ag 6A Dx 8A En 9C St 6C Re 3D Pe 3A Sp 3A Pr 7D, 9 quests. Demeanour: Optimistic Nature: Serious. Dex 14, Con 18, Str 12, Int 6, Wis 6, Cha 14, 9th level Priest-Thief , CG(N).

Aleksander Korrigan is a Royal Guard Captain, distantly related to Alexius Korrigan. Ag 7B Dx 3C En 7A St 9B Re 5C Pe 6C Sp 5D Pr 8C, 4 quests. Courageous and Merciful. Dex 10, Con 14, Str 18, Int 10, Wis 11, Cha 16, 4th level Fighter, NG(L). Lance +1, Long sword, plate mail and horse shield.

Mush Wyvernkiller is a strange hill giant who thought that all humans were bad, and he took a liking to the little halfling he ran across. Robin almost talked him into walking across the length of the country, well he almost talked him into starting the journey. Ag 5X Dx 8A En 44C St 40A Re 3X Pe 6D Sp 4X Pr 4X, 1 quest. Wild and Enigmatic. Dex 13, Con 20, Str 12, Int 6, Wis 10, Cha 8, 1st level fighter, CN. Club, rocks, grass weave armour. Note: his sense of smell is diminished, aka really bad.

Myranor was training to become a priest of neutrality in Alfheim when the Shadow Elves took over. Since then he has lived in Darokin and become a battle-mage, focusing on tactics, and weapons as well as magic. He is in Karameikos mainly to meet with the Karameikan Alfheim ambassador. Ag 6C Dx 7A En 7C St 8A Re 6A Pe 7A Sp 5A Pr 6A, 10 quests. Valiant and Merciful. Dex 13, Con 14, Str 16, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 12, 10th level fighter-mage-priest, NG. Great sword, Great Bow, Leather armour. His wizard spells come from the Abjuration, Conjuration, Elementalism, Enchantment, and Invocation schools.

Vandivar is a mage of Glantri, who got fed up with the Glantrian prejudice, and need for melodrama. In his travels he discovered that he had what it takes to be a priest, and he made this his primary calling. One of his goals is to eventually destroy Glantri or at least the ruling class. (I don't have his stats handy, I'd guess Ag 4D Dx 4C En 5D St 4D Re 8A Pe 6A Sp 9A Pr 7B, 9 quests. Dex 8, Con 10, Str 8, Int 16, Wis 16, Cha 14, 9th level Priest-Mage, LN. Shod staff, sickle, padded cloth armour)