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Saren's Magic Resistance

by Glen Sprigg

Well, there's always my good friend Saren of Mirros, who specialises in defensive magic (Abjuration, for those who prefer AD&D). He is somewhat of a pacifist, and prefers non-violent solutions to problems. Unfortunately, when dealing with wizards, violence is sometimes the first resort, and so one must protect oneself. Saren devised a few protective spells to enhance his chances of remaining alive in these situations. Here's one of his early efforts, and one he teaches to all his apprentices.

Saren's Magic Resistance
Level: 1
Range: Touch
Components: V, S
Duration: 5 rounds/level
Casting Time: 2
Area of Effect: Creature touched
Saving Throw: None

The recipient of this spell receives a +2 bonus to all saving throws vs. magical effects for the duration of the spell. This includes spells, wands, rods, staves, and saving throws vs. petrification or polymorph that result from a spell or magical effect, but not from a creature's special ability (such as a medusa's gaze or a cockatrice's touch). Dragon breath is not affected, but spells cast by dragons are. Magical weapons are not affected, and do their normal damage.

Saren has a few other spells tucked away in his tomes of lore, and I'll try to convince him to share them with the rest of us. (He recently told me he's not Elminster, and I'm not Ed Greenwood, but I pointed out that Mystara is much more interesting than the Realms anyway. So we are making progress.)