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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patron of Liberty, Protector of Pirates
Level, Alignment, Sphere: 16th (Celestial), CG, Energy
Symbol: the Phrygian cap (pileus)
Portfolio: liberty, fight slavery, independence, adventurers, pirates
Worshipped in: Hollow World (Milenian, Merry Pirate Seas, Traldar), Known World (Ierendi, Minrothad, Thyatis), Skothar (Minaea)
Appearance: a middle aged human, with a tanned complexion and many wrinkles that line his face giving it a mature attraction, greying black hair gathered in a ponytail behind the neck, a shadow of a grey beard on his chin and cheeks, two clear blue eyes that express determination and benevolence, dressed in the simple clothes of a sailor, leather boots, a crimson cloak and a red Phrygian cap worn across his head (the pileus), with a dagger and a magic rod at his belt.
History: PROBABLE THEORY: Saturnius was a Taymoran mage who lived towards the end of the golden age of this culture. After having served for years in the court of a small southern noble, he began to notice a negative change in the Taymoran society and clearly perceived the influence of the entropic force behind everything when a mysterious stranger arrived from the north seeking to convert his lord to the way of necromancy with the promise of eternal life. Saturnius tried to warn them of the noble, but for all these answers he was accused of treason and he was imprisoned. After years of slavery and by now resigned to end up by being devoured by his ancient lord who had become a vampire, Saturnius was unexpectedly freed during a raid organised by a group of rebels headed by a fighter named Kron. Saturnius was united with his band and discovered that while he had remained in prison other small nobles and lords of the Taymoran war had begun to convert to evil and necromantic cults, unleashing war on the nearby cities and throwing the southern region into chaos. Kron was the leader of a numerous group of Taymorans that had endured many losses and impositions for the guilt of those nobles, and had tried to fight back. On the strength of Saturnius’s knowledge about the fortress in which he dwelt, Kron organised a full scale assault to destroy the vampire and his lackeys and free the remaining prisoners. The deed was a success and Saturnius was even able to retrieve his own very precious arcane tomes. Afterwards, he began to conceive the idea of creating an independent kingdom to shelter from the war and from the expanding demonic influence. After convincing Kron to follow his plan, Saturnius planned the construction of an immense floating and habitable platform that would be able to take the fugitives far from the Taymoran coast, causing them to live in the Sea of Dread until they had no need of accommodation. So they should be able to dock everywhere and take what they need without having to submit to anyone. It was at this point that Saturnius was contacted in dream by Ixion, who had followed his tasks, and who revealed to him that continuing on his undertaken path he would not only achieve independence, but Immortality as well. Therefore, aided by the magic of Saturnius (who had created the Pileus, a cap given of astonishing powers, given by him to Kron for facilitating the revolt and the escape of their allies), the Free City of Kron was finally realised, an immense floating platform capable of moving in the oceanic waters and of accommodating a thousand people. Mostly Taymora was allied to Kron, who became a legendary leader for all the oppressed, however always refusing the tile of monarch and preferring that of Commander, and thanks to the floating city they were able to escape the terrible seismic disasters that sank a large part of the region inhabited by the Taymoran between 2000 and 1700 BC, creating then the islands of Minrothad and Ierendi. Kron never wanted to leave his floating city, preferring instead to enlarge it and leaving it capable of moving to his liking, thanks to the magic of Saturnius, in order to avoid offering to their enemies an easily conquerable land, resorting finally to piracy. For his part, Saturnius with the passing of the years succeeded to build a unique artefact capable of calming the waves and controlling the weather around the floating city of Kron for protecting it, placing it in the heart of his territory. After having trained his descendents in the arcane arts, was proclaimed High Wizard of Kron (name that the city had taken from its first legendary governor), Saturnius left the platform for the Celestial Spheres, with the agenda of always fighting to free the oppressed from the slavery of the powerful, teaching that the inhabitants of Kron with time pull ahead and become pirates and corsairs. In the following centuries the floating city was in part destroyed by natural events and by assaults of the Nithians, but the survivors continued their work of piracy with their war rafts, while the cult of Saturnius is popular in all the nations bathed by the Sea of Dread and even among the Merry Pirate Seas of Hollow World.
Personality: From the moment of his ascension at the end of the XIX century BC, Saturnius is the patron of liberty and the overwhelmed on Mystara; he has gained a small following also among those that pursue the ideals of self-determination, independence and anarchy that is pirates, corsairs and adventurers. His only sworn enemy is Brissard, patron of slavery, and he doesn’t have any stable allies.
Patron: unknown [presumed: Ixion]
Allies: none
Enemies: Brissard
Alignment of followers: any; clerics must be Neutral or Chaotic
Favoured weapon: dagger (allowed the sabre, short spear, scimitar, trident and throwing dart)
Clerics’ skills and powers: +2 bonus to ST vs. any form of paralysis (magic or normal), free escape artist and run skills
Domains: Energy, Chaos, Good, Travel
Preferred weapon: dagger
Source: Master and Immortal set