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Sayyed al-Aziz

by Mischa E Gelman

History: Sayyed was born 51 years ago in the Emirate of Nicostenia, the son of a somewhat prosperous (but not overly rich) merchant family. His interests from a young age tended more to the political than the economic, and he sought as much contact as possible with government officials, to learn all he could. His family frowned on such interests somewhat, but obliged their son's desires, by using their connections to win him trips abroad with diplomatic missions. Sayyed was not disappointed with what he saw, and put all his energy and effort into becoming a diplomat himself.

He has had a good career in those ranks, and now has elevated himself to the position of ambassador to Rockhome, one of the most important posts of the foreign service.

Personality: Sayyed is a devout follower of the Eternal Truth, but does not seek to proselytise, especially when negotiating with those of other faiths. He has the best interests of the Ylari at heart, but does not scorn the interests of Rockhome, and as such is heavily appreciated by other nations, as he does a wonderful job of working out differences in a manner all can be satisfied with. He does bear strong prejudices towards some lands (like the antireligious folks of Alphatia and Glantri) and even some peoples within Rockhome (the Hurwarf clan), but few ambassadors could manage the task he does.

If there is a problem with Sayyed's life, it is that he is too devoted to his work - this leaves his family an afterthought. His wife makes due the best she can, and is a close friend of Koris of the Buhrodars (as she appreciates the importance of faith), which helps the diplomatic process, but Sayyed is not too close to his wife. He loves her, and she him, but they find little time for one another, and as a result some conflict has begun. The process is not helped by their son, Sherif, who has gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd, as he lacks a male role model in the home.

It appears to be only a matter of time before he causes a disgrace and a huge diplomatic disaster by getting involved in a major crime. The couple's daughter, Fatima, has taken much better to the Rockhome life, and has learned to mimic many parts of their culture. About the only problem there is that she has taken to an appreciation of alcoholic beverages, which her parents, being strong followers of the teachings of al-Kalim, frown upon.

Appearance: Sayyed wears typical Ylari clothing befitting one of some wealth, with a preference for fine, elegant silks. It does make him stand out in a dwarven crowd, which he does not mind, but he does make concessions when appropriate, donning dull, serviceable clothes as apropos. He is a tall man, standing 6'0" and is of moderate build, with the first signs of grey beginning to appear in his black hair. He keeps himself in fair shape, and appears a few years younger than he is.

Combat Notes: He is a 5th-level fighter. AC 7 (Leather); hp 23; at 1; d 1d12 (sword, skilled), save F5 (+1 vs. spells); ML 10; Al L; S 11, I 14, W 15, D 10, Co 13, Ch 16. Languages: Ylari, Common, Lawful, Thyatian, Dwarvish, Ethengari. General Skills: Profession (Diplomat) (I), Persuasion (Ch), Knowledge (Dwarven Culture) (I)

Magical Items: Lamp of Long Burning, Ring of Djinni Summoning

DM Notes: Sayyed is a good contact for Rockhome dwarves seeking to journey to Ylaruam, or for Ylari visitors to the dwarven land, as he is a good font of information on the cultural differences. He would be a good source for PCs seeking negotiations with either land, given his diplomatic skill and knowledge. Fatima is a likely companion for dwarven PCs accepting of outsiders, or for Ylari travellers in Dengar. And of course, PCs may get involved by having to try to teach Sherif how to behave (which his parents would gladly pay for), by having to quiet up a misdeed of the boy's, by being attacked by the lad's gang or in any other number of ways. The Hurwarfs would definitely sound their isolation bells if something wrong happened.