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Savage Coast Timeline

by Tristan Dunigan

AC 1010 ***A Brief Overview***


The Signatory Council of the Treaty of Tampicos meets for the first time. Items on the agenda included a discussion of future meetings and the power of the Signatory council itself. The Council can observe and advise, but nothing decided at council is binding. It is also decided that, if willing, the Baronies can use the forum to arbitrate disputes, provided both disputing nations agree to the mediation. It is also decided that at least one large formal meeting will be held annually at years end to discuss the events of the past year and to debate the future of the next. Meetings can be called at anytime, but attendance is only mandatory for the yearly council. The leaders of the Baronies themselves are encouraged to attend the council to represent their lands, but most appoint delegates. Hule is also invited to send delegates, but many doubt if they will.


The goblinoid tribes of the Bushwack Prairie make raids into Cimarron and Guadalante, destroying many homesteads. They are soon routed by the Cimarron Cavalry and forced back into their own territories.

Miners in the silver mines of Almarrón discover what they believe to be the Mannequin of Ixion. The object is quickly sent to the sage Mazrooth al Yedom so he can study it. Don Esteban uses the commotion to plot and try to retake Almarrón. Don Esteban is stopped by Mazrooth and an Honourbound; Captain Hernan Costa. They also discover that the black statue was not the Mannequin of Ixion but rather a vessel holding a fierce creature known as a crimson death. Rumours claim that a gnoll was also involved, helping Mazrooth and Costa.


A cult of Pflarr springs up in Renardy. The local Lupin clergy complain to King Louis IV as Pflarr is not one of the accepted Saimpt of their Pantheon. Dissent grows among the populace.